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Open Till L8 + KAHUKX Join Forces For 'CFB': 'We've Got a Lot Of Crazy Tracks In The Vault'

11 September 2023 | 5:41 pm | Jessie Lynch

"With this track in particular, we had the idea of making a song that bounces and can resonate with the audience not just mentally, but physically."

KAHUKX  + Open Till L8

KAHUKX + Open Till L8 (Supplied)

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Legendary Australian producer, artist and DJ, Open Till L8, has once again joined forces with rising Sydney rap star KAHUKX for a killer new collaboration track titled CFB (Certified Fuck Boy).

Following the resounding success of Open Till L8's debut self-titled EP on June 9, and KAHUKX’s August release STARGAZING, the powerhouse duo have again put their talents together to set the scene on fire with their latest banger, following the local talents pairing up for the track Step 1, which dropped in November 2022.

For CFB, the pair once again vibe together seamlessly and their signature sounds complement one another flawlessly, bringing us a release packed with energising synths, a captivating melody, and a unique sound that's bound to make some serious waves in the Aussie hip-hop scene.

Following last Friday’s release of CFB, we caught up with Open Till L8 and KAHUKX to talk about everything from the collab, to the creative process behind the track, and everything in between.

We’re loving CFB — It's not the first time you two have collaborated together either, you both worked together on Step 1 which dropped last year- what made you guys want to link up for the new track?

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Open Till L8: This track was made before Step 1, but tbh we’ve got a lot of crazy tracks in the vault.

Can you describe the creative process behind the collab? How did your individual styles blend?

Open Till L8: The creative process for our collaborative track was quite smooth. We were inspired by French house music and decided to add our own unique twist to it.

I brought in the hot beat, and KAHUKX delivered the hot rap. Our individual styles blended seamlessly, resulting in a track that captured the essence of both our talents.

Your styles are different in some ways. How did you manage to find a common ground that allowed your sounds to complement each other in the track?

KAHUKX: [Open Till L8’s] level of production is top tier and unique so I knew I had to come in with something different for this track!

With this track in particular, we had the idea of making a song that bounces and can resonate with the audience not just mentally, but physically. As soon as I heard the beat, I knew I needed to accompany his bouncy production with vocals, lyrics, and a cadence that could fit this style of beat.

In the end, we both agreed that both styles match perfectly and that this was sure to be a HIT!

What unique strengths or qualities do you believe each of you brought to the table during this collaboration?

Open Till L8: I believe I brought a strong sense of production skills and a deep understanding of the music's technical aspects to the collaboration.

On the other hand, KAHUKX brought exceptional lyrical prowess and a distinct rap style. Together, our strengths complemented each other perfectly, creating a synergy that enhanced the track.

Collaborations often involve a lot of give and take creatively. How did you guys navigate that process?

Open Till L8: While collaborations can indeed involve a lot of creative give and take, for this track, it felt natural and seamless.

We were on the same page creatively from the beginning, and our ideas complemented each other rather than conflicting. At every stage of the process, we felt confident in the decisions we made, which made the creation of CFB a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Were there any challenges you faced while working together?

Open Till L8: Fortunately, we didn't face any significant challenges while working together on this track. Our collaboration was a harmonious one, and we found it easy to communicate and make creative decisions.

It was a smooth process, and we flourished during our collaboration.

Did working with one another influence or inspire any changes in your approach to your solo work?

KAHUKX: For me personally, Open Till L8 has been a staple for producing in Australia and I wanted to be able to match his unique sense of production with vocals that fit and keep the bouncy feel to an all-time high.

I wanted to be able to match the production's energy whilst also bringing the signature KAHUKX feel with lyrics and cadence that would make someone listen twice.

What do you hope listeners take away from this collaboration in terms of the message conveyed in the song?

KAHUKX: This song is made to make people feel a type of way. Whether they are listening to the beat and just want a feel-good song that makes anyone bounce or accompany that feeling by choosing to dive deeper by listening and capturing the intricate lyrics.

The song is a hit that can be played in any space (e.g. the club, the beach) and is guaranteed to bring a happy/energetic ambience to any crowd!

Could you share a memorable or funny behind-the-scenes moment from the time you were working on this collaboration?

KAHUKX: We've had a few good memories when we come up with tracks, whether it be writer’s camps or simple studio sessions where we end up creating something magical.

This song in particular was actually one of the first times I had done a beat like this, so writing, creating, and being with Open Till L8 to make this song was memorable in itself.

Outside of this collab, what else have both of you got in the works that fans can look forward to?

KAHUKX: We’ve got heaps of tracks in the vault that are just waiting to come out. Some of the best music I've made has been with Open Till L8 as I feel our styles match perfectly.

With Open Till L8’s production and my cadence, the songs we have released, and are yet to release, are nothing short of amazing and I'm excited to show the world what we have cooking!