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Artists to Watch in 2019: Lupa J

9 January 2019 | 11:46 am | Caitlin Medcalf

Marrying emotional pop with her background in classical music, LUPA J's exploration of sound over the years has evolved into something both technically beautiful and emotionally stirring.

She's trained in the classical violin and has spent the better part of the last four years blending the classical knowledge she has with her keen eye for exploring all things electronic, creating one perfect symbiosis of sound.

In 2014 at 16 years of age, Lupa J put out her debut EP titled The Seed, and it was there that we first heard her expert ability to musically interpret what she’s feeling. Since the start of the project, she's been a master at packaging up the way she's feeling and project that through her compositions.

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Since her debut, she's put out two other longer form bodies of work, 2016's My Right Name and 2017's incredibly visceral A House I Don't Remember.

Each release has seen Lupa J grapple with the way she's feeling about herself and the world around her, and by translating these feelings with such ease into a medium that she's both comfortable and excitingly in tune with, the project makes for some of the most authentic pop music being created right now.

Last year, we were given a taste of what's to come from her this year in the form of two singles - arguably the most underrated song of 2018, 'Drift' and something entirely different from Lupa J altogether, 'You're In My Headphones'.

'Drift' is the most honest and accurate culmination of her influences, previous works and songwriting ability to date. Encompassing all aspects of her past, future and present, this one's the perfect introduction to the debut LP we'll be seeing from her in 2019.

On the flip side, 'You're In My Headphones' is exploratively new territory altogether for the producer, creating an uncharacteristically uptempo track that hits the vocal harmonies and complex melodies incredibly hard. It's one that came from left field, but feels as much Lupa J as any of her other singles.

2019's going to see the producer ramping things up even more. With the release of her debut record Swallow Me Whole on the horizon, as well as the high likelihood of an undoubtedly complex, immersive run of shows, it's going to be a damn huge year.

Catch her for her first show of 2018 at the Golden Age Cinema in Sydney on the 25th of January.


Golden Age Cinema, Sydney

January 25

This is a free event.

FB Event here.

Photo by Nathan Moas/Land Systems