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ASHWARYA breaks down her favourite spots in her hometown of Naarm/Melbourne

30 September 2021 | 4:13 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

To get to know ASHWARYA better, and shine light on some local legends, she has broken down her favourite locations in her hometown of Naarm/Melbourne

Following closely off the back of her incredible EP, 'Nocturnal Hours' Naarm/Melbourne trailblazer ASHWARYA has returned with a new track, 'FLARE'. The single will join the tracklist of her illustrious debut EP, adding yet another layer into its vast sonic palette. The work is an extremely close look at the creative mind of the young pop auteur, which sees her express her emotions in a distinct and unique way. ASHWARYA delivers a body of work that is true to her personality and taste creating as she owns a truely singular corner of the pop landscape. Sonically the EP feels like the moment after the sun sets, theres a pensive and varied freedom that happens at night, and ASHWARYA bottles that energy perfectly, through gleaming synths and shuddering drum lines.

'FLARE' perfectly adds to the narrative of 'Nocturnal Hours'. The track shifts in and out of the shade, showcasing her incredible versatile talent in creating pure mood and energy. A slowly plucked acoustic guitar combines gorgeously with a shimmering kick and minimal percussion line. As the track grows, so does its power. Giant chords sit below ASHWARYA's beautifully arranged vocals. As the track flickers between light and dark, the artists personality reigns over the audience, showcasing a multidimensional and powerful creative mind.

ASHWARYA explains the theme behind the single, “Flare is about the tension that plays out between not knowing if someone likes you back and searching for their signal. It traverses between holding back your emotions or fully letting go of them to show them how much they mean to you. It's tricky because it can become a fickle game, and eventually, you're longing to feel loved regardless, but 'I'm in too deep' to realise.”

To get to know ASHWARYA better, and shine light on some local legends, she has broken down her favourite locations in her hometown of Naarm/Melbourne.

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NGV Melbourne

I love coming here whenever there's a new exhibition. There's something kinda nostalgic about it too. I think it takes me right back to school excursions. This particular exhibition was for KAWS, one of my fav artists. 


Safety Beach

I’ve been coming here most summers to reflect on the year and recharge. I come to this spot most afternoons to watch the sunset feat. My dog, Ollie. Nothing beats it.


Cafe Carpenter

There is this lil Japanese cafe near me. It’s super tiny and reminds me of the laneways bars in Golden Gai, Shinjuku. This place is as homey as it gets with amazing food of course. Shoutout to @cafecarpenter. 


Flemington Racecourse

This is a pic of me on top of my best friend's shoulders at a festival in Melbourne. This was at Flemington racecourse pre covid. I can't wait to be able to witness something like this again.



I had to add this image because I end up getting frozen yoghurt at YO-CHI so damn often that it has become an iconic location for me. My mates and I end up coming here way too often!