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Danny Daze on his favourite places in Miami

15 February 2017 | 8:21 am | Staff Writer

Set to touch back down in Australia after a couple of years away, DANNY DAZE is part of the burgeoning ranks of this year's BABYLON festival line up - and for good reason.

Producer of everything from Detroit techno to Italo Disco, this guy really knows his stuff. He's acquired legions of fans across the world, from his own solo work, to his freeform selecting, to being the head of the OMNIDISC label. He's a man that knows how to bring it to all settings, and one of the guaranteed highlights come BABYLON day.

To get to know him a little better, we asked him a bit about his hometown. Growing up in Miami, he has a strong and deep love for where he's from, so we got him to give us the lowdown on his five favourite places - including his mum's house. Check it out!

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El palacio de los jugos

DD. This place has to be one of the spots I take every single friend of mine to eat who visits Miami. It's about a 5 minute drive from my house and located in the center of Miami. It's as Cuban as it gets here. Fried pork with black beans and rice, sweet plantains with a side of watermelon juice.

Karla bakery

DD. This mom and pop bakery already knows me by name. They have quite a few franchises around Miami, but the one located closest to my house in the Weschester area is my first stop religiously after I get off the plane. As soon as I walk in they know I'll be ordering 3 croquetas de jamón (Ham Croquets), 1 pastelito de queso (cheese pastry), 1 pastelito de guayaba (guava pastry) and 1 café con leche (Cuban coffee with milk).

Little Havana

DD - located slightly west of downtown and recognized as a national treasure, this area of Miami keeps true to its Cuban heritage. I go here often with friends in order to experience something outside the Wynwood/South Beach thing. I'd recommend going there in the afternoon and checking Maximo Gomez park where you'll find people playing dominoes for hours.

Electric Pickle/Trade/Bardot

DD: these venues are the ones holding down the fort when it comes to dance music in Miami. Each having a slightly different vibe to them, I’d recommend visiting Electric Pickle if you're wanting to go for a more intimate feel, Trade if you're wanting to hit up good dancing music on South Beach with more of a big club vibe ... and Bardot if you're looking for a more relaxed environment where you can play billiards while listening to a constantly eclectic lineup of international acts. 

Mom’s house

DD: I live next to my mom ..... literally. I bought the house next to hers so I can go over there every day, sit in her couch and watch the news while talking to her. It's extremely important to me to be close to her, my sister and grandma. There's nothing like being able to walk over and get food at moms house, then running off before she makes you wash all the dishes. Sorry mom!

Catch Danny Daze at Babylon Festival

March 10-13, Carapooee West, Victoria

Catch Danny Daze at Piknic Electronik Melbourne

Sunday 5th March, Southside at Sidney Myer Music Bowl

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