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Godlands takes us through her favourite places in Adelaide

8 June 2021 | 3:54 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

To get to know South Australia's Godlands better, she's introduced us to her favourite spots in her hometown of Adelaide from gardens to clubs

Last week, Adelaide based producer and self proclaimed hell-raiser Godlands released her brand new EP, 'Ready 2 Rage'. It's a big EP, with a wide range of incredible production, local features and uncanny energy. Accompanying the release she's also announced her forthcoming tour, hitting clubs and concert venues alike with her stage made tracks.

Standout from the EP is the newly released, collaborative track with fellow Adelaidians EAST AV3. Banging 808s, an eerie sample work perfectly over the groups rap vocals. It's full of attitude and a short and sharp vignette into the unique production class of the producer. Godlands gives an insight into ‘Middleman’ and how it came to be, “We were hanging out in the studio one day and I showed them this beat that I thought they could jump on. East Av3 loved the groove and got to work. Everything flowed so smoothly, the energy was high, we were all just having a good time making music.” The EP features a tight range of sonics, highlighting how far the producer has come since her bedroom laiden productions. Now with a refined and developed sound, the global trap EDM world's truely her oyster.

To get to know the producer better, she's introduced us to her favourite spots in her hometown of Adelaide. With her obsession with tenacious energy in her music, it's unique to see her stunning obsession with both nature and also her favourite late night spots.

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Electric Circus

I am here literally every weekend. An absolute institute of the Adelaide music scene, it has been my second home/ place of work for 10 years now. The best of the best roll through this joint. I met Diplo here, he said I looked like Justin Bieber… it was awesome.


Adelaide Central Markets

The oldest market place in the southern hemisphere is believe? I think I read that on one of those Jetstar magazines when I was flying one time? Anyway this is a staple place to get a box of bananas for only $5 - perfect for morning smoothies. How good is that! Oh and if you need any cheap veggies, definitely go here. It’s full of amazing artisan food and classic South Australian products, plus the first 1 hour of parking is free! Big fan. 


Botanic Gardens Glasshouse

It’s just so aesthetic don’t you think? I feel like I’m in a secret fairy cave or something. Any time that I come to the botanic garden I instantly feel better. Like the air is cleaner and I'm at one with nature. Super dooper relaxing place to chill with your mates or by yourself, definitely great for a picnic or chilling and reading a book. 10/10 would recommend.


Ivy House

The #1 place to get super experimental & STUNNING flowers plus it’s run by my homies Jess & Kev <3 They also sling coffees and sell some cool clothes so definitely check out the place. It’s just an overall great vibe to chill with mates and be amongst beautiful things. Oh and support small business! 

My Bedroom

This is where the magic happens…eating in bed after a bender. RIP my liver. Nah but in all honesty, my bedroom is my sacred place. It revitalises me, I’m uber comfortable, the lighting set up is impeccable, I can lay there all day watching Netflix and not feel guilty...I don’t know how but that’s the magic of my bedroom. 

Godlands Tour Dates

Tickets Available HERE

Fri 25 Jun | Fiction Club | Canberra, ACT

Fri 2 Jul | The Warehouse | Brisbane, QLD

Sat 3 Jul | Max Watts | Sydney, NSW

Fri 9 Jul | Lions Arts Factory | Adelaide, SA

Fri 16 Jul | Northcote Social Club | Melbourne, VIC

Sat 17 Jul | The Court | Perth, WA