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The Belligerents take us through their top Brisbane spots

3 November 2017 | 2:26 pm | Emma Jones

It's been six years since much-loved Brisbane band THE BELLIGERENTS first made their mark on the music scene. Over that time, fans have grown with them as they've trekked down various sonic paths, never in too much of a rush to find their sound, and having a whole lot of fun while doing it. If you look at their past catalogue, it's a rich and diverse tapestry of experimenting and growing up, dotted with key releases like 2011's 'Such A Crime', 2013's 'Ghost Vs.', 2015's 'Looking at You', and last year's monster hit, 'Caroline'. Now, six years on from their debut, they've finally arrived at their sound, and have shared it in all its glory in the form of their debut album, Science Fiction.

A sprawling, complex, matured and considered debut, The Belligerents once again used the time on their side as a tool to wait for the right time, when all the planets aligned just right to share this album, and it's absolutely proven to be worth the wait. Titled Science Fiction, it's an impressive release from start to finish, showing a band that's finally and completely come into their own, setting their sights well beyond the Brisbane suburbs and into the stratosphere.

Currently embarking on a national tour to celebrate the release of Science FictionThe Belligerents have just a few dates left for which they'll share their ever-impeccable live show, so to get to know them a little better, we asked them to take us through their hometown of Brisbane. The band's drummer, Stag Sargent, listed his top five places to go in Brisvegas, which you can check out below. Don't delay catching these guys on this tour either, this will be one of the last times you might be able to catch them at such intimate settings - we get the feeling they're really only just getting started!

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A place for uplifting banter w/ the staff over a freshly saused bagel or a morning daydream stare into hardgrave park sipping away a topped up long mac!

Junk bar

If your trying to fuel a new romance over a couple milky cocktails and sexy tunes this is the place for you. Owners Jamie and Mia have got your back for advise and encouragement in the arts of seduction and drink selection.

Enoggera Reservoir

10mins from central Brisbane, this is the spot for midweek wind down paddles. Solo ranger or duo hangs, this watering hole is the shimmyshimmy!

Jet Black Cat

Record store of the fucking century! Shannon runs a tight ship! With all the latest hip tunes on vinyl she loves having a good chin waggy over your style of music. Shannon also books sweet acts to perform in store. Nothing better baby.

Captain Burke Park

Have you got Inner city pressure? This spot located under the infamous Story Bridge is my favourite spot to escape the stresses of modern lyf. Breeth in breeth out!

Remaining Science Fiction Tour Dates:

*Saturday 4 November - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney | Tickets

*Thursday 9 November - Transit Bar, Canberra | Tickets

*Friday 10 November - Howler, Melbourne | Tickets

*Saturday 11 November - The Zoo, Brisbane | Tickets

* With Bus Vipers

The Belligerents' debut album Science Fiction is out now. Stream/buy it HERE.

Intro by Emma Jones