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Let Tigertown show you the nicer side of The Shire

4 August 2017 | 12:46 pm | Holly O'Neill

Sydney group TIGERTOWN are leading the way for euphoric indie pop in Australia at the moment. Channeling the joy of bands like Foster the People and The Naked and Famous, this band is known for their infectious synth melodies and euphoric refrains made for screaming along to.

The four piece have been lighting up stages around Australia and the world with their optimistic indie pop that's caught the eye of a number of big names. They've supported acts like MS MR, Troye Sivan, Panic! at the Disco, Tove Lo and Vérité on their tours around Aus, along with taking themselves around the country and beyond to deliver their joyous energy to the masses.

Tigertown has been busy working on a debut album, alongside a whirlwind of supports and touring. But even with so much time on the road they still love their home town of the Sutherland Shire. Leading up to their US tour, the band took the time to show us around some of the prime spots in their hometown. They clearly love where they're from and have a bit to say about it, we'll let them take it from here.

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"The Shire; famous for race riots and a terrible reality TV show that was cancelled in it's first season. It's also where three out of four members of Tigertown grew up and it's currently where we all live. One generalisation made about the people of the Shire is that we never leave, just like the hobbits of Middle Earth. Although this isn't necessarily true, come on our tour of the area and you can see why some people might not want to leave.

1. Shelley Park Shop

First stop is the Shelley Park Shop in Cronulla. Grab some fish 'n' chips and a milkshake and enjoy the sun. Shelley Park across the road is a great place to eat those fish 'n' chips, have a picnic, fly a kite and go for swim in the rock pool. For dessert you can get a Paddle Pop from the shop. If you happen to be a time-traveller, go back twenty years and that Paddle Pop will only cost you eighty cents.

2. Oak Park

Walk down to the water, turn right on the esplanade, and make your way to Oak Park. Oak Park is similar to Shelley but less crowded and has better surf. Some would say it's the best surf in Cronulla. If surfing is not really your thing, there is a very nice rock pool for swimming where there is guaranteed to be at least one very tanned older gentleman there, even if it's the middle of winter. If you're not into swimming then just sit on a park bench, look over the water, and watch the runners run past and make you feel terrible about the fish 'n' chips, milkshake and Paddle Pop you just ate.

3. Jake Chalmers

Let's face it, you ate too much this morning but after that surf you're already pretty hungry again. Okay, head back to Cronulla Mall, walk up a couple of little lanes and get the best burger in Cronulla at Jake Chalmers. Ask for a Jake burger (with pickles) and you'll get a delicious American style burger with beetroot relish, giving it an Australian twist. Have a beer too, go on you deserve it.

4. Bundeena

By now you get it, Cronulla is nice. It's time to get out and see more of the Shire. Stroll through the little tunnel underneath the train tracks and you'll find yourself at the ferry wharf. The ferry is going to cost you four dollars to go to Bundeena, an odd little suburb in the middle of the Royal National Park. Go for a beautiful bush walk to walk off all that food you ate and then have another beer at the Bundeena Bowling Club. Go on, just a quick schooey.

5. West End Espresso

Now it's time to hop in a car, drive the winding roads of the National Park, drive through the suburb of Sutherland and then you'll get to a little suburb called Jannali which is apparently an Aboriginal word that means "place of the moon." In Jannali you'll find West End Espresso, the best coffee in the Shire. You can also eat some delicious food if you feel like you haven't eaten enough already. A friend of ours started this cafe and he wrote the Tigertown logo for us using the same permanent marker that he uses to write your name on coffee cups.

Well now that you've journeyed through our hometown with us, maybe now when you think of The Shire you won't think of the negative things, but you'll think of the good times you had on the Tigertown tour."

“Warriors” by Tigertown is out now on Inertia Music. Get it here.