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UKIYO's ultimate guide for getting your chicken fix in Perth

25 July 2018 | 9:55 am | Emma Jones

Perth producer UKIYO has been on a steady rise over the past few months. Racking up huge streaming numbers (9.5 million on Spotify to be exact!) and working with the likes of CHYMES and FEELDS, the 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist and producer has consistently delivered inventive and innovative electronic music, putting his many skills to good use in the lead up to the release of his forthcoming EP, Fantasy.

His most recent single comes in the form of 'Clicky', an unpredictable, dynamic number that sees UKIYO further play with sounds in an unconventional but captivating way. You never know where he's going next, but you know it's going to be great. Speaking of his latest single, UKIYO said, “Instrumentals have a special place in my heart, definitely stemming from my love of soundtracksI started and basically finished Clicky in one hot Aussie summer day.  The track started with all the percussion stuff which is why it got that name - most of my tracks start with a silly name like that, but somehow this one stuck.  I recorded the synth stuff live and really liked how out of time it was so I kept them like that and kind of warped the rest of the track to be in time with these synth stabs instead of the other way round.”

With his long-awaited EP set to be released on August 1, we wanted to get to know this rising star a little better, so we got him to give us his ultimate guide to getting your chicken fix in Perth. Take a look below and keep your eyes peeled and ears pricked for August 1!

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I love this place so much, the people that own this tiny shop in Freo are so enthusiastic it’ll brighten the worst of days.  Good prices and delicious chicken.  The Katsu snack box is a favourite of mine when I’m passing through.

BALL & CHAIN, Fremantle

A great little bar just opposite the Esplanade.  Their little collection of board games makes it an important checkpoint of any Fremantle bar crawl.  I’m there for the chicken though, basically a fancier version of KFC without the guilt (or the grease!).

OHNAMIYA, Applecross

What you lose in fun you gain in value for money.  You can really score yourself a pretty hefty meal for not a lot here.  The Katsu Chicken is on point, check out the Teriyaki Salmon as well for a crazy flavour hit.  Pro tip:  Ask them to go easy on the rice seasoning.


Another place with great chicken and great vibes.  They’ve got old music videos playing on repeat which is sure to bring back some old memories.  Check out their Popcorn Chicken.  Pro tip:  Take your chicken to the top of the multi-storey car park just up the road opposite Zambrero.

VEGGIE MAMA, Mount Lawley

A cheeky addition to this list seeing as it technically isn’t chicken, so you know it’s gotta be damn good to get a place here.  Their Coconut Curry contained some of the best flavours I’ve experienced in my life and I’ve got no shame to admit I’ve made the hour round trip up from my house on multiple occasions to get a hit.

UKIYO's Fantasy EP is out August 1.

All images via UKIYO

Introduction by Emma Jones