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Get to Know: Craterface

11 November 2020 | 2:59 pm | Emma Jones

True creatives and innovators, we get to know rising Newcastle alternative rap duo, craterface.

In the year 2020, post-BROCKHAMPTON's explosion, post-Tyler, The Creator's opus in IGOR, post-PC Music and 100 gecs, "alternative rap" is a broad church indeed. It feels like just about every week there's a new artist citing these acts as influences and offering up their alternative hip hop to new listeners and potential fans, and while we definitely consider ourselves form members of said church, it does mean after a while, it takes something extra special to cut through the white noise.

Enter Newcastle duo craterface. Back in February with the release of their single, '-12°' we said, "Take one part Kevin Abstract, one part JPEGMAFIA, a dash of SOPHIE and mix it all together with a bit of good old Newcastle and you get craterface," and while that does sound like quite a bit to swallow, it really does sum it up. Shaking up alternative hip hop, there's no act really quite like craterface.

Having just released their mixtape, BURN AFTER LISTENINGcraterface deliver a bold, self-assured and ambitious sonic statement in this record. It's unbridled in its creative exploration and experimentation, hard hitting in all the right places, and boldly moves between all-out firestarters to deep and vulnerable. Chaotic but controlled, BURN AFTER LISTENING marks the strongest release yet from the pair, solidifying the longtime creative partnership of rapper baby bruh and producer/vocalist Taki Local as a serious force and a genuinely exciting addition to the greater Australian music landscape. Opting to forge their own path instead of following down the lines of someone else, its their authenticity as true creatives that shines through on this mixtape and allows them to take their music where it truly needs to go to make an impact that separates them from the rest.

So with that in mind, what better time to get to know them? Here, we chat to baby bruh and Taki Local to get to know them a whole lot better. Take a read of our chat, and listen to BURN AFTER LISTENING below:

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Who are you?

Craterface is comprised of baby bruh and taki local (Chester Chaffer, Harrison Chapman). All creative aspects are handled by the both of us equally but basically baby raps and taki produces.

How did Craterface come to be?

We came into our own when we decided we have the creative and emotional talent to do what our idols do in our own way, regardless of the fact that we are from a relatively small Australian town. We have known each other our entire lives though, I think that level of trust in each other makes everything so much easier.

What are we talking, vibes-wise?

Big Boy Ballads based on truth and spirituality.

Tell us more about your new EP, ‘Burn After Listening’?

We started working on the tape back in March of this year, while we didn't have a real direction at that point we knew we wanted to include an aspect of raw honesty in our storytelling. After a few months of tinkering, we eventually realised that we are both extremely spiritual people, and spirituality and confessional honesty simply go hand in hand. The tape wrote itself after this


What can we expect from you in the months ahead?

I mean this tape was an incredibly large process so we will shortly just enjoy the fruits of our labour. But we kick off the art rap health clinic tour with shady nasty on the 5th of november, we both can not wait to play shows again.

Where can we hear more from you?

All the usual places, every streaming service. And on tour with the big homies Shady Nasty.

BURN AFTER LISTENING is out now. Buy/stream here.


Fri Nov 20 - Mary's Underground - Sydney

Thu Dec 3 - Mary's Underground Sydney

Tickets HERE

Introduction by Emma Jones

Image: Kevin Stathis