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Get to know Switch Creative ahead of the launch of their new club night, 'Not Sorry'

2 November 2017 | 8:05 am | Emma Jones

Fierce, unapologetic, and powerful - these are the words to describe the vibes of Brisbane's newest club night 'Not Sorry' and all that they want to achieve. Helmed by Switch Creative (aka DJs ca-lou and Mikki Blue), real names Caity Louglin and Mikayla Roddis are here to shake up the Brisbane club scene, and have a whole lot of fun while doing it.

Called 'Not Sorry', this isn't your average club night. Launching this weekend in the iconic Venue EI8HT (previously known as the Family), Switch Creative have gone all out to lock in some incredible lineups, all in the name of unapologetic femme power. Now, it's not all for those with XX chromosomes, and anyone can get in on this good time, but it is definitely all about having fun and not being ashamed while doing it!

Launching this weekend, November 4th, and headlined by JADE LE FLAYca-lou and Mikki Blue are onto a hugely good thing here, so we decided to get to know them a little better. For more details on 'Not Sorry', head HERE.

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For the uninitiated, can you tell us a bit about yourself and Switch Creative?

Mikayla - If you were to ask our friends to describe us, the recurring words are likely to be ‘socially awkward’, ‘too happy for my liking’ and ‘Mikayla, how many tequilas have you had?’.

Caity - I love to party. When I really start to party my friends like to call me C#nty Caity, because I like to start dropping truth bombs. It makes for a pretty interesting team dynamic. I guess we all kind of do it now. The honesty actually helps take away a lot of the anxiety because we all know that we are on the same page.

Between us, we’ve been pushing buttons & forcing long islands onto our friends across Australia & NZ for a collective of 5 years. With the launch of our new party we can’t really see us changing our ways any time soon.

You’re helming the start of a brand new club night in Brisbane titled ‘Not Sorry’ - can you tell us a bit about the story behind this, and why you are starting it?

Not Sorry’ came about from a couple of things, actually.

Firstly, we have an extremely broad range of friends. We’d see them all separately at different events and parties but we’d rarely see them all together in one place. We’ve spent years listening to them complain about issues they’ve had and reasons why they hadn’t gone to certain things. We realised that there really aren’t many places in Brisbane that catered to them all. So, when we got the opportunity to actually bring some cool ideas to the table, we said that it had to be on our own terms. We’ve done the club thing for years - Brisbane has plenty of well run club nights at the moment, but they mostly feature just music. So we thought - why not use this as a chance to showcase more than JUST amazing music?

Secondly, life is a drag & sometimes it can be hard to get around that. What we notice is that everyone makes it worse by beating themselves up over shit that they can't control or change. They are constantly apologising for stuff they shouldn't be sorry for. So, we thought, "Fuck it! Stop apologising. Stop regretting & even if it is only for one night, let it all go!" Thus ‘Not Sorry’ was born.

A night to bring together all the weirdos. A pinch of class with a dash of trash. A night of mayhem and mischief with a fresh range of party genres. Then we’d tie it all together with a heap of engaging visual concepts to take the party to an immersive experience level.

We really want to address some issues that are close to our heart while we are at it.

There’s still a lot of work that need to be done when it comes to female equality in the music industry. We want to use this as a chance to low-key push some amazing artists that aren’t being heard or seen enough at the moment.

Being held at the newly named EI8HT nightclub, formerly known as Family, this is somewhat of a Brisbane institution. How exciting is it for you and the local scene to have such an iconic club open it’s doors up to a new night like this?

It’s so damn exciting but also hella anxiety inducing. You’re right, it IS an institution. Some of the biggest acts in the world have played that venue and it’s an honour to be a part of the venue’s future! We’ve frequented Family since our teen days and are blown away to have the support from them to curate an event like this. They’ve helped us take this party to a whole new level. They’ve got some of the best production equipment of any venue in the country, the team there have really helped us bring to life some elements we’ve always wanted to see in real life, it’s completely changed the way we’ve considered presenting our art installs.

Why do you think it’s so important for women to be unapologetic not just in music, but in life as well?

The real question here is - why SHOULD we apologise? No matter what you’ve got going on, there’s always going to be people that don’t like what you’re doing. So, who cares? Do you? Well you need to care about all that a little less. Australia has a fair way to go, as far as gender equality in the music industry goes. It’s still a guy's world - women get paid less and men are still making a lot of the decisions. It’s important to recognise that there isn’t one way to magically fix everything overnight and that the problem goes a lot deeper and on a more cultural level. But in order to start, women need to stand up for what they’re worth. There are a lot of females doing amazing shit and aren’t getting the credit or respect that they deserve. We want to discuss this. Challenge it. Create a space for a conversation and push people based on merit no matter who the person is - male or female.

What can we expect from Not Sorry? Can you reveal any upcoming guests?

Lots of fun shit. Shiny toys. Live installations. Ridiculous outfits. Loads of collaborations with really cool interstate tastemakers.  We can finally announce that we have Melbourne party queen “MIMI” coming to the club on the 18th of November. We’ve been a fan of her parties with Jade Zoe (‘CRXZY SXXY CXXL’) for a minute now, they've been absolutely killing it down in Melbourne, packing out venues, by straight up doing dope shit. We're done with opening a venue to just a bar and a DJ and we know most people feel the same. So we are going to give them more then a party; we are giving them an experience.

November 4th, 2017


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+ More to be announced

Free entry before 10PM, $15 after.

Interview by Emma Jones