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Lola Scott & Sam McGovern Discuss Their 'Ones To Watch'

22 June 2023 | 11:10 am | Mary Varvaris

"Who would have known that music could ease anxiety?"

Lola Scott & Sam McGovern

Lola Scott & Sam McGovern (Credit: Maya Luana & Cedric Tang)

Lola Scott (Sydney), Bella Amor (Gold Coast) and Sam McGovern (Perth) hit the Oxford Art Factory stage tonight as Live Nation’s Ones To Watch program performers, each primed to impress with a collectively diverse set of sonic styles and influences.

Scott, with her “sharp blend of dream-pop, ‘90s grunge, and a wickedly fresh take on chaotic pop,” is promoting her EP Breakfast For Dinner, released last year.

Amor has been turning heads since 2020, garnering comparisons to soul legends Matt Corby and Yebba. Her candid and fascinating tunes, last year’s can’t get laid, and all my friends are high, display a hilarious side to Amor, while sentimental is a gorgeous and emotional track.

McGovern is a WAM (Western Australian Music) Song Of The Year nominee for his debut track, Grow, and achieved viral notoriety with his single Memory. This song has amassed over 20 million views across social media platforms, propelling him further onto radars around the country.

To celebrate Sydney’s Live Nation Ones To Watch event, we caught up with Lola Scott and Sam McGovern to learn more about their personal Artists To Watch.


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Ben Morgan 

Ben is one of my best mates, so although it is biased for me to put his name out - his music proves this wrong. His pure talent is a rarity you don't come by often. Music & song effortlessly flows out of him ever so naturally & sweetly—a lyrical poet at the same time. Ben will be appearing alongside me at this showcase; he is a multi-instrumentalist & also a ripper saxophone player & guitarist; he'll be accompanying me with these elements live on stage.


I first came across Neptune on TikTok a few years ago, blown away by his sonics & songwriting. Weirdly enough, we met when I moved to Sydney & have become close friends in the last two months. I don't think I'd need to explain much about Neptune's songs; listen & you'd realise why. Without a doubt, he will be a household name in the next few years.

Ella Gilbert 

Me & Ella studied at WAAPA together in 2019; she's a talented artist in the R&B space & is taking the opportunity to improve constantly, recently making trips to LA to write songs & make connections. I always play her tracks on those late-night groovy drives & describe her music as "falling in slow motion through fluffy white clouds of marshmallow."


It would be rude of me not to put Corrj's name down - I use his washing machine & shower almost every week, so I owe him this one. Even if this wasn't the case, I'd be putting his name down; he is constantly working on his craft & creating a smooth & exy rap that I just love, thanks Corrj x

David McCreedie 

Me & David met busking in Manly in 2022 before I moved here. He is a kind soul & nicely enough asked me to join him, ever since we've been close mates. His music is a Folk Pop blend with catchy melodies. The man always sings about love & he sure does have a lot in him, a big heart!


creek - Philip Brooks & Runo Plum 

This song makes me feel like I'm falling in love on a road trip & we've been overcomplicating everything in our lives for no reason.

Deceiver - Claire Rousay & Helena Deland 

This track is like a relaxing sleepscape but with everything I love about nylon guitar & delicate vocals singing me a bedtime story. Who would have known that music could ease anxiety?

gunshy - Allie Kelly 

My friend Beso Palma (check him out) showed me this track when we were working together as a production reference, and I'm fucking obsessed with it. The hits in the instrumental, paired with the clever lyricism in the chorus, are everything.

Insomnia - Superfan

The throwback vibes give me nostalgia, but the production feels super original & modern. This makes me want to drink a shit tonne of caffeinated beverages and throw paint at a wall.

Reminiscence - Helene Vogelsinger

I recently discovered Helene through the YouTube channel Patch Notes, and it was the shortest nine-and-a-half minutes of my life. This tickles my brain in all the right ways and makes me want to get into modular synths.

Live Nation’s Ones To Watch event in Sydney takes place on Thursday, 22 June, at Oxford Art Factory. You can learn more about the global Ones To Watch program here.