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Meet The Musos: Get To Know Electropop Singer-Songwriter Boo Seeka

18 August 2023 | 12:46 pm | Jessie Lynch

"One thing that's certain is that the album will be very diverse. We want to push the boundaries and experiment with different sounds and genres while staying true to our unique style."

Boo Seeka

Boo Seeka (Supplied)

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Hot off his recent tour with BOY & BEAR, Boo Seeka — aka Ben "Boo" Gumbleton — is once again set to wow the crowd for September’s Springtime Festival.

Surfer’s Paradise’s 100% free music, skating and art event returns next month, with Boo Seeka set to bring the tunes alongside a line-up led by Bag Raiders (performing a DJ set), Benee, Matt Corby, and many more.

Day one will find QMAs People’s Choice Award winner Sycco, Boo Seeka and Bag Raiders bringing the vibes to Surfer’s Paradise. Sunday then sees Bella Amor, Eliza & The Delusionals, Babe Rainbow and Matt Corby sending music fans home happy after a packed weekend of entertainment.

“We can’t believe it’s less than a month now until we bring in spring with a bang, at the second annual SPRINGTIME,” Festival Director Mark Duckworth said in a statement.

“The 2023 program is really going to shine a spotlight on the range of musical talent we have here in Australia and right in our backyard on the Gold Coast. We’re also pumped to welcome the incredible BENEE to the SPRINGTIME Beach Stage from New Zealand.”

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Ahead of Boo Seeka’s forthcoming performance at SPRINGTIME and the news he’s considering penning a new album — the first since 2017’s Never Too Soon — we caught up with the electropop singer-songwriter to suss his plans for new tunes, hear his his tour highlights, and much more.

We saw on Facebook that you're starting to think about getting into writing album 3. What can you tell us about the new direction or any ideas floating around about that - if any?

Absolutely! We're really excited about diving into album 3 and exploring new musical territories.

One thing that's certain is that the album will be very diverse. We want to push the boundaries and experiment with different sounds and genres while staying true to our unique style.

In our last record, we delved into more personal themes, with the songs carrying a direct and intimate connection to my own experiences.

However, for this upcoming album, we're taking a slightly different approach. We want the tracks to have a broader appeal, allowing the listeners to interpret them in their own way and paint their own pictures.

This record will be more like the lyrics written in Never Too Soon, as we love how it leaves room for individual interpretation and allows listeners to find their own meaning within the music.

We want to capture that essence throughout the entire album, giving listeners the freedom to connect with the songs in their own personal and meaningful way.

We're eager to explore new sonic landscapes, invoke that personal touch, and create an album that resonates with a wide range of listeners. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to shape the vision for Album 3!

You just jumped off a fairly extensive regional tour - what were some of the highlights of that?

The regional tour was an incredible experience for me, filled with unforgettable moments. One of the highlights of the tour was the fact that every night brought something unique and memorable.

That's what makes playing live so special to me—each performance has its own energy and connection with the audience. Gold Coast, Manly, Rye, Townsville, Margaret River, and Old Bar were the standouts for sure!

Give us the story behind your name?

No one knows, and no one will ever know! (Laughs) If someone can figure it out, I'll give them free tickets for the rest of their lives!

If your music was a flavour, what would it taste like?

Honey! Our music can be silky and sweet, offering a smooth experience and soothing to the ear. However, our music can also have a bolder and darker side. It has the ability to uplift and comfort, but also to explore the deeper and more profound aspects of music.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences and how have they impacted your own sound and style?

There are too many influences to count; however, some of my biggest are definitely Moby, Massive Attack, Gorillaz, and Coldplay.

Moby's signature blend of atmospheric electronic with more organic elements and live instruments has been something we've really dialled into on for Album 3.

Massive Attack's influence can absolutely be heard in tracks like Does This Last or Kingdom Leader, and I love how they can take the listener to a more resonant and deeper level.

Gorillaz has done an amazing job of creating a unique and captivating world around their music, something that I very much aim to achieve with Boo Seeka.

Coldplay's ability to craft anthem-like melodies has had a profound impact on my own songwriting. All are amazing and inspire me in different ways!

What’s been the biggest moment in your career so far?

One of the biggest moments in our career thus far has definitely been the achievement of receiving two gold records. It's an incredible honour and a milestone that we're extremely proud of.

These gold records signify the success and recognition of our music, and they serve as a testament to the support and connection we've built with our fans.

We're incredibly grateful for the support we've received throughout our career, and we look forward to creating more music and sharing new experiences with our fans in the future.

What’s the most unusual or unexpected source of inspiration you’ve drawn from when writing a song?

My brain surprises me every day. There have been moments when an idea or a snippet of a melody has emerged seemingly out of nowhere. It's those kinds of day-to-day instances when a burst of inspiration rushes through, that I couldn't have predicted, that's what I love.

Can you share a hilarious or cringe-worthy moment from your early days as an artist?

(Laughs) Just looking back at Sam and me figuring it all out, and what we were doing was hilarious in and of itself! One that immediately comes to mind is writing songs in a car, on our way to the first show, to have enough music to play that night.

What are the top three tracks or artists you’re vibing on right now?

What I'm listening to is constantly changing every day, but at this moment I'm really loving Tame Impala's Wings Of Time, Lana Del Ray's Video Games, and White Town's Your Woman.

What’s something that fans might not know about you?

One thing that fans might not know about me is that I'm still in the process of discovering who I transform into when I step onto the stage. Performing live is a deeply transformative experience for me, and it's a place where I can tap into a different aspect of my persona.