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Meet The Musos: Get To Know German Indie Duo Milky Chance

19 April 2023 | 3:20 pm | Jessie Lynch

Here's what you need to know about Milky Chance following the release of their latest single, 'Golden'.

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Milky Chance, the chart-topping German duo made up of Clemens Rehbein and Phillipp Dausch, are back with their newest single Golden, which serves as a taste of their highly anticipated album, Living In A Haze, out June 9th.

It's a track you'll certainly be adding to your playlist, with the song embodying Milky Chance’s signature sound with a fusion of idiosyncratic beats and Clemens' distinctive voice. The introspective and thoughtful lyrics, meanwhile, explore themes of love and self-discovery, delivered with a new and refreshing flair. 

"We remember the day we wrote this song because it was an especially golden day in Berlin - it made us positively nostalgic and set the tone for the whole session. Golden is an homage to our youth, the golden time in life when a lot of things happen for the first time," the duo explained of their newest single.

"It's great to think back and to realise how naive and free we were, in the best way."

Golden comes following their previous lead single, Living In A Haze, which has been making waves on the US Alternative radio and Shazam Global Alternative charts. 

In celebration of their latest single, Golden, and their forthcoming album, we had a chat with lead singer Clemens Rehbein to suss out everything you need to know about Milky Chance.

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Give us the story behind your name?

I was a 15-year-old teenager who started writing songs and came up with random band names that have no meaning. Milky Chance was one of these names. 

If your music was a flavour, what would it taste like?


Who are some of your biggest musical influences and how have they impacted your own sound and style?

We both have always been influenced by many different artists from different genres. It really was that broad range. 

Hearing all these different kinds of music was and still is the biggest inspiration to us. Music is a whole universe and there are a billion ways of expressing yourself within it. 

What’s been the biggest moment in your career so far?

Seeing our kids having a good time while dancing to our music. 

What's the most unusual or unexpected source of inspiration you've drawn from when writing a song?

Just looking out the window.

Can you share a hilarious or cringe-worthy moment from your early days as artists?

I‘d say the first 3 years have been a huge cringe party and there was many people watching us!

What are the top three tracks or artists you’re vibing on right now?

Probably Aldous Harding, Frank Ocean and Clairo.

What’s something that fans might not know about you?

I‘m an atheist. 

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Live Aid (Live, 13th of July 1985). Because it’s a live album, there’re so many different legendary artists on there and it‘s 111 Songs and over 9 hours of music. Variety wins ;) 

What's in the works for you guys in 2023?

We've got our biggest US Tour so far ahead of us. So we’re gonna be on the road for the whole summer which is very exciting. 

At the beginning of this tour, June 9th, we’re gonna release our fourth studio album, Living In A Haze, which is even more exciting!