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MUNGMUNG Breaks Down Her Top 5 Tips For Embracing Main Character Energy

23 March 2022 | 2:56 pm | MUNGMUNG

To celebrate the release of her EP, MUNGMUNG breaks down what it takes too fully embrace your 'MAIN CHARACTER' energy.

Last week, Eora/Sydney based multidisciplinary pop, R&B and pop artist MUNGMUNG shared her highly anticipated debut EP MAIN CHARACTER. 

With her musical identity, she utilises powerful vocals, infectious and charismatic songwriting all wrapped in an aesthetic of whimsical and true to herself flair. She combines her musical abilities with a ferocious aesthetic jam packed with colourful imagery and epic energy.

MUNGMUNG's work so far has peaked with her debut EP, embracing her distinct deeply personal ethos as an artist jam packed into an EP that reflects all facets of her artistry. The project features a signature sparkle and joy, filled with pop culture references and powerful bars, centred around the sentiment to be the own main character in your journey in life.

Speaking of the release, MUNGMUNG details, "The EP, ‘MAIN CHARACTER’ is the perfect introduction to me as an artist. I feel like I’m really putting myself to the forefront and being like 'Heyo! Wazzup - It me!'.

"It captures my humour, cheekiness, love for nerding out on music shit like chords and phat 808s and starts a conversation that I believe is so important about certain issues people can go through such as heartbreak, working through self doubt and negativity as well as embracing different cultures."

To get to know the EP better and MUNGMUNG as an artist, she breaks down the top 5 behaviours to truely embrace your main character energy. 

‘Energy’ comes from within. Just be yourself, start with accepting how you truly are and being okay with all the positives as well as negatives. You must realise you are THAT bich, no matter what.

Face what you find challenging head on, especially if it’s related to something that’s beneficial to you. It’s the perfect way for anyone to develop or ‘level’ up and you never know the outcome if you don’t try!

Dress to impress…Yourself! Dress according to how you feel or dress to dictate your mood. Either way, honestly putting on a spicy ‘fit can hype you up - Most times, it do be like that. Also insert Rihanna quote here, “She can beat me but she can’t beat my outfit.”.

Put in 14376889% in anything and everything you do. What you put in is what you get out of it. You gotta come through with that ‘take the lead’ energy to ensure high productivity and baddie levels.

Humility is key. Knowing where you came from and always being grateful for all the good happening; Big or small things. Show and emphasise love for yourself, people and places around you. This also means standing up for what’s right. In any case where you can better a situation, be proactive in making a difference.