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SURVIVAL GUIDE: Splendour In The Grass

24 July 2013 | 12:36 pm | Antigone Anagnostellis

PURPLE SNEAKERS has your Splendour In The Grass experience covered – we don’t just listen to music in our spare time, we go and check it out for real!

Editors Note: If you've found yourself here in the year 2017, why don't you check out our Purple Sneakers Approved Guide for Splendour In The Grass 2017

It’s Splendour time! With the summer festivals done and dusted it’s time to bring out those gumboots and head on up to the Sunshine Coast. PURPLE SNEAKERS has you covered – we don’t just listen to music in our spare time from the safety of our bedrooms and offices, we actually go and check it out for real!

Whether you’re a festival veteran or new to Splendour In The Grass there are some things you need to know before heading up to Byron this weekend.

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1. Don’t go too hard on the first night.

Friday night is probably when everyone is in the best mood – keen to party, fresh from no camping, in clean clothes and with a high energy level. But if you go too hard on Friday night you might end up sleeping through a whole lot of great acts which play Saturday (like I did last year) and we can’t have you missing Jagwar Ma!

2. Don't go straight to bed after the main stage acts.

After the clock strikes twelve and everyone’s starting to head home after the headliners there’s a whole heap of DJs playing well into the morning. You can’t go wrong between the Smirnoff Cocktail Bar and Red Bull Music Academy stages.

3. Do not Tipi alone.

The Tipi Forest is a weird and wonderful place. You might hug an old hippie, have a seizure from flashing lights and end up super disorientated. Last year, Father John Misty put on a last-minute show. It’s not huge but deceptive. You don’t want to be the person waiting for a mate… bring someone with you and you will most likely find your way out of there.

4. Make friends with the promo girls.

It’s day three –you have no money, no camp snacks or practical provisions. What to do? Wander around the hotspots near entrances and main stage for free ice tea/berocca/callipo/red bull/sustenance. It’s practically a recipe to cure whatever raging ailment that is troubling you. (This is also goes for free sunscreen).

5. Make friends with a Virgin.

This is not tent talk – I mean that it’s a good idea to hang around someone on the Virgin mobile. They get access to separate toilet queues and most importantly, phone charging. Crucial when trying to meet up again after storming off to see a set that clashed with what your mates decided to see.

6. Then put your phone away.

Not only will it drain your battery like there’s no tomorrow (and increase your chances of leaving a new iPhone in the muddy swamp) but it’s just rude. We all know that hour-long festival videos from a phone are no use. That’s what the pros are there for. Keep the phone away and leave your hands free for dancing!

7. Pre-party like a mofo.

Remember when I told you to keep partying long after the live acts leave the stage? The same goes for before.

and remember, don’t get bummed if you don’t always push your way to the front mosh. Watching from the back can be just as fun (and you won’t have to worry about elbows to the face).