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Peek into Amy Axegale's mind as he shares his Top 5 Creative Influences

9 August 2017 | 4:49 pm | Holly O'Neill

Melbourne's AMY AXEGALE is a man of many genres. Never to be pinned down, he moves from menacing industrial sounds to peppy dance pop to beat driven trap with ease (sometimes even in the same track: see below). Far from a new kid on the block, he's been making music under the name ZEN for a little while now but after a rebranding due to questionable Googleability, Amy Axegale is back for another release.

He's been busy pumping out a number of diverse singles from his upcoming EP, More Than Just Friends. Exploring a wide range of sounds, as is his trademark, this talented producer draws from a variety of influences on from the few tracks that have been released so far. With so many genres explored over the whole EP, we just had to pick Amy Axegale's brain about his Top 5 musical inspirations that get his creative juices flowing.

1. Gordon Ramsay

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I probably subconsciously make all my best tracks right after binge watching Hells Kitchen for hours lol. My favourite chef, he can cook a mean brunch and he's just a great TV personality.

2. Bladee

Just the way Bladee moves in the industry is impressive. His music is so unique and him and his crews lowkey-ness adds mystery to his sound/art, I love that.

3. Toki Asako

The best to ever do it... she's fucking talented, seriously..... look her up. Her vocal delivery is the most impressive I've ever laid ears on.

4. Gwen Stefani

She was so ahead of her time and her impact on early 00's pop/rnb still lives on, I really want to collab with her. She was actually sent to us from the heavens above....

5. Lil B

Wow I wish I could be with Lil B rn. In all seriousness i think Lil B is the most unique and down to earth hip hop artist, his music isn't even that great but his personality and his presence on the internet just makes you love him and his music regardlessly.

Amy Axegale's upcoming EP 'More Than Just Friends' will be released in full in late August.