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Get out of this world with PLANET's top five intergalactic bops

22 April 2020 | 2:28 pm | Emma Jones

Sydney indie-rock band PLANET prove why they're deserving of the hype with their latest EP, 'Maybe Someday', out now.

Sydney band PLANET have been on a steady rise for a while now, but with the release of their latest EP, Maybe Someday, it arrives as a real moment for the band. Having already earned a special place in the collective hearts of their hometown, as well as cutting their teeth in the UK with monumental sets including a slot at The Great EscapeMaybe Someday is the band's finest sonic statement to date, marking a shift in sound into a bolder, more unabashed version of the four-piece than ever before. For fans of DMA's but with an angstier pop-punk flair, PLANET are being tipped as one of Australia's most exciting indie-rock exports, and with Maybe Someday, they prove exactly why.

Discussing the EP and how it came together, the band said in a press statement, "We really wanted to take a huge step forward in our approach to recording and producing this EP."

“Before heading into the studio we all spent a couple weeks away on a property in the country working through a truckload of songs and really narrowing down how he wanted the EP to sound. The best thing about writing and tracking a small amount of songs is that it really gives you a chance to hone in on the sonic qualities and styles you're going for. We knew heading into the studio that we wanted the tracks to sound really big with even more pop influences than previous releases. I think we ended up with five tracks that are true and honest to our ‘sound’ but also start to delve into areas of production and music composition we're all definitely excited to further explore.”

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To get to know PLANET a bit better, we asked them to give us the scoop on their favourite out-of-this-world tunes. All about space, planets, stars and intergalactic good times, PLANET take us through their favourite songs about Earth and beyond. Take a listen below!

The Verve - ‘Space And Time’

The first track on Side C of ‘Urban Hymns’, which is an all time favourite album of PLANET's. Everything on this record sounds so lush and fat. Beautifully sound scaped production throughout the whole track list keeps this record flowing start to finish.

Carole King – ‘I Feel The Earth Move’

What a voice! This is the first track off of her greatest album Tapestry (release 20 years before we were born). It was a favourite of (Matty Took) Mums, so it was blasted in the car growing up.

Primal Scream – ‘Star’

A favourite Scottish band, so many groovy bangers – especially off ‘Screamadelica.’ This one however was on the ‘Vanishing Point’ record and solidified a love for drum machines and catchy melodies. The production of this song is the hero, so many different instruments coming at you from all different sides. Do yourself a favour and listen to this song on some sick speakers.

The Church – ‘Under The Milky Way’

What would this list be without an iconic Australian band like The Church?! There is a reason ‘Under The Milky Way’ is a their biggest song by far. An acoustic ballad so well so well executed. This is one of those songs you hear the guitar strums at the start and know exactly what song it is.

The Superjesus – ‘Gravity’

An Australian 90/00’s grunge pop band belting out undeniable an undeniable hot chorus. The guitars on this track are bang on. I (Matty) just learnt this song on guitar again and now it’ll be stuck in my head all week.

Celestial Bonus:

A.R. Kane – ‘A Love From Outer Space’

Maybe Someday is out now via Dew Process.

Introduction by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied