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Mazy share some of the local sounds that have influenced them

4 May 2018 | 10:51 am | Caitlin Medcalf

'We're not enemies, in the end we both want the same thing.'

Sydney three-piece MAZY have succinctly put into words something people go their entire lives trying to wrap their heads around. Rivalry. Their songwriting is introspective in the best way possible. It forces you to think, and if their debut single 'Heliar' was anything to go by, it's becoming a bit of a recurring theme throughout their sound.

It's psych-pop at its best, taking the euphoric elements of psychedelia and mashing that in with the short, electronic phrases from within pop music.

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The trio made waves with their first single, and they're back again with a second and in the process, they've linked up with Sweat It Out! It's titled 'Enemies' and is teeming with psychedelic vocal harmonies, anthemic synths and crisp percussion.

They've today also dropped a clip for the single and it really does epitomise the tone of the track. It's accentuated by pastels and a minimal sense of styling, something that really makes the single burst over the top of it.

The clip illustrates 'Enemies' quite literally, but there's a lesson to it all. What is it you ask? You'll have to see for yourself.

Because it's their second single and we don't know a whole heap about Mazy, we thought it would be cool to get to know them and some of the local sounds that have influenced them. Take a look below.


So much of our music has been drawn from so many different influences! We’ve kept it local and have locked down five of our standouts.

1. The Avalanches

When we first got together and as a band we found inspiration watching a doco about the making of ‘Since I Left You'. Their experimentation is a huge influence on our recording process, and still is today. 

2. Jagwar Ma

Their first record 'Howlin’ had a huge impact on us when we first heard it. Absolutely loved the combination of psychedelic vocals and deep electronic grooves. Amazing songwriting too, singles for days!

3. Alpine

One of the most interesting and amazing groups going around. Vocal harmonies are extraordinary, and the production is always a perfect balance of lush and hard hitting. This has always been a quality we try to achieve when writing/recording. 

4. Cut Copy

I used to play playstation with the sound off, but listening to 'Bright Like Neon Love’ instead. It was the perfect sound track to a digital world, like nothing I’d ever heard before. ‘Future' remains one of my favourite Aussie songs. 

5. The Vines

What a band. Combines two of my greatest loves - grunge and psychedelic. We will always admire these guys for their songwriting. Also, what a frontman… Made me want to be a singer! 

Words by Caitlin Medcalf