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Planet Vegeta take us through their vibey debut EP 'Letters to Chi-Chi'

17 March 2021 | 5:44 pm | Emma Jones

Western Sydney trio Planet Vegeta deliver innovative and exciting hip hop, and take us through their impressive debut EP 'Letters to Chi-Chi'.

After bursting onto our radar last year and continuing to impress not just as a collective unit but on their own as well, Western Sydney trio Planet Vegeta have released their landmark debut EP, ‘Letters to Chi-Chi’. Having spent years crafting and honing their sound - an electrifying mix of hip hop, RnB, electronic and even hints of jazz and soul - they have delivered a collection of songs that celebrate their sonic diversity as well as their own experiences and voices. Comprised of JAZZ NOBODI, SVNO and LKGD, 'Letters to Chi-Chi' shows that while the breadth of their influences and sonic territory might indeed be wide, they remain true to themselves with their authenticity interwoven into its very core.

Featuring previous cuts including the widely successful singles ‘Jorja’, ‘Mai Elle’ and ‘You', the ambitious and vibey 'Letters to Chi-Chi' includes a total of seven tracks, and sets a seriously impressive precedent for Planet Vegeta as an act absolutely worth keeping an eye on. They're bold, exciting and 100% themselves, and its this that keeps them striking a chord with listeners all over the world. To celebrate the release of 'Letters to Chi-Chi', the trio take us through each track and help us dive a little deeper into their debut EP. Check it all out below!

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This is probably one of the oldest songs on the EP cause we made it back in 2018. Not a whole lot went into it really as it’s just the intro song off the EP, but LKGD made the instrumental and thought it would be mad to have Jazz throw a wavy verse on top of it to kick off the EP.

Sailor Moon

For sailor moon we took a lot of inspiration from the Manga series ‘Sailor Moon’ which you can hear clearly in the intro and in the lyrics in the hook. The beat was also co-produced LKGD’s brother VAIMOSO and when we heard the beat for the first time we knew we had to get on it asap. It’s also probably one of our favourite songs to play live cause the crowd always mental when the beat drops.


Jorja was our first official release that we dropped and its crazy to think that it came out nearly two years ago back in 2019. We also originally wrote this about Jorja Smith and also about how you don’t have to worry about materialistic items/clothes cause when you come kick it with PV we want you to be comfortable in yourself and not worry about that stuff and just have a good time.

COVID92 (Raw Session)

We originally put out this track during the heat of COVID in 2020 because we were super frustrated that we couldn’t jump in the studio and create content/tracks together because of the restrictions. We managed to record this one before the lockdown over here in NSW and ended up making a video for it on zoom and put it on our Instagram.

Mai Elle

Mai Elle is basically just about how there is a bunch of people out there who claim that they’re day ones but in reality they aren’t and haven’t done anything to help us – if you listen to the lyrics in the hook they clearly reflect it. Also takes a heap of influence from the UK garage scene which we are massive fans of…

Charlie B

Cool story about Charlie B is that when we shot the video, we just rocked up the Oxford Art Factory with a camera to shoot some footage and got the DJ to play the track and we just started filming in the crowd. By the end of the night, everyone at the Oxford Art Factory knew all the lyrics to the track & there just happened to be some sick dancers in there which ended up making a pretty cool video.


The main idea behind ‘You’ is just about us daydreaming of being with Rihanna and trying to get to her (“Im just tryna get to You”) and what it would be like to be with Rihanna. Although ‘You’ is one of our more recent songs we had to throw it on the end of the EP purely just by its energy and we felt like it was the perfect way to end the EP. Similar to Sailor moon this one is another one of our favourites to play live because we transition the end of the song into an acoustic laid back reggae outro of the song heavily inspired by Bob Marley and some of our other favourite reggae artists.

'Letters to Chi-Chi' is out now via Neon Records. Buy/stream here.

Introduction by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied