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Cody Jon Releases New Single And Video 'Becky's Plan'

16 March 2022 | 9:25 am | Staff Writer

"I wanted to make a dramatic, bitter song about a friend-zone situation."

Cody Jon is a name that all Australian pop music lovers are going to get used to. He's just released his latest single Becky's Plan.

A formidable young artist, Jon grew up through the influence of the 2010s, raised on the music of the '80s and influenced sonically and visually by the '90s and 2000s.

What results is unapologetically catchy, hook-heavy, near-perfect infectious pop music. 

Despite this heavy leaning pop influence, his discography to date, which includes fan adored singles poison and all thanks to you were not crafted with toned down, commercial intention, rather a product of his wide-spanning, superstar influences.

Now enters Becky's Plan a summer glazed, speedy, percussion slamming indie number, dedicated to the universally awkward friend zone and the schemes to get out of it.

He shares, “Becky’s Plan is loosely based on true events, but I swear I wouldn’t actually do the things I’m singing about.

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"I wanted to make a dramatic, bitter song about a friend-zone situation. I came in with the lyric ‘What if I acted like your other friends', Charley started singing ‘What if I made out with your friend’ and the treachery ensued from there.

"We got very into writing the storyline and even made up side-characters that’s aren’t in the final song. (For the record, I’ve definitely been on both sides of a friend-zoning).”