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A Dating App That Lets You Match With Other Techno Fans Has Launched

14 April 2022 | 1:08 pm | Staff Writer

All jokes aside, the app has a promising target market and features

Music fans have been flooded with targeted ads for a new dating app called, Turn Up which allows fans to match with people with similar music tastes.

The most common ad seen on Instagram, is one that suggests the app is geared to finding other techno lovers on the app. 

We already know that niche, underground micro-celebrities do enjoy other dating App Hinge, where many fans have coined it the Sydney Inner West or Melbourne's Brunswick's exclusive dating app.

All jokes aside, the app has a promising target market and features, as the app description describes it, "Indicate your favourite artists, songs, music genres and create your blind tests, the algorithm takes care of the rest!

"All you have to do is fill in your descriptions, there are also music-oriented prompts to guide you if you lack inspiration. You can then instantly discover nearby people who share your musical taste."

App Store reviews are often brutal, but Turn Up's are weirdly promising. "Very cool app to meet people in your community with the same music genre interest. I Would Recommend," one user stated.

You can check the Turn Up website HERE.

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