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Introducing Talking Heads on Purple Sneakers Radio with Plastic World

31 July 2017 | 8:00 am | Hannah Galvin

Each fortnight on the Purple Sneakers radio show, we talk about a legendary label or collective. This week we shed light on Plastic World.

Introducing Talking Heads - a humble slice of the Purple Sneakers radio show pie that you may stumble across of a Saturday afternoon.

A focus on the innovators working behind the scenes, Talking Heads sheds light on the head honchos driving your favourite labels and collectives; both locally and abroad. Without these integral legends, some of your favourite artists may not have travelled to the success that they thrive in today, so it's definitely important to acknowledge those representing them.

Over the past few weeks, we've featured SidechainsSoothsayer and Lobster Theremin on-air. For the next Talking Heads instalment, we've picked out a crew from our own vibrant backyard - Sydney legends Plastic World.

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Run by Astral People's Vic Edirisinghe and former Future Classic dude James McInnes, the pair came together some four years ago, laid out their passion and experience on the table and gave life to a record label that showcases electronic wonderlands and distributes them on not only a digital platform, but on wax, too. Going that step further with tangible copies of releases by the likes of AlbaTuff ShermThe PosseGL and RetireePlastic World places heavy emphasis on the importance of sound; which just goes to show how much they appreciate music as an art form.

Throwing parties and releasing mixtapes alongside the representation of some of Australia's most forward-thinking artists, we hold infinite adoration and respect for Plastic World, so it is an absolute pleasure having them on Talking Heads this week.

Talking Heads is a segment on our Purple Sneakers radio show on FBi Radio. Listen live every Saturday from 5-6pm on 94.5FM for Sydney, or online here.

Words by Hannah Galvin.

Photo via Plastic World.