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Flume + Tove Lo Want You To Send Them Your Demos

27 September 2023 | 9:40 am | Jessie Lynch

“If you are an unsigned vocalist please send demos/voice notes, anything you want to share!"

Tove Lo + Flume

Tove Lo + Flume (Instagram)

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If you’ve ever wanted to work with with some major names in music, then today is your lucky day, my friend because Flume and Tove Lo have announced they’re on the hunt for a new artist.

Posting to Instagram on Wednesday (Sept. 27), the Say It collaborators revealed their exciting plans, saying in a post: “Hello! We have been working together for many years and have always flirted with the idea of developing a new artist, together.”

“If you are an unsigned vocalist please send demos/voice notes, anything you want to share!”

They added, “We promise to listen to everything!! (Please share streamable link) Much love, Tove/Harley @tovelo.”

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It’s not the first time Flume — aka Harley Streten — has been a part of an initiative to seek out up-and-coming talent.

Back in April, Triple j Unearthed announced a new competition, UNFINISHED, in which one lucky artist won the chance to collaborate with two-time Hottest 100 winner, Flume, with the hitmaker sharing a half-finished song with triple j for udding artists to give their best shot at finishing off the track.

Following a slew of entries from around the country, it was Blacktown rapper and producer Isaac Puerile who came out on top, after he teamed up with engineer, producer, instrumentalist and vocalist, Tanssi for a hard-hitting and emotional piece titled WYM’ (what you mean).

Asked what impressed him about Puerile’s track, Flume said: “He just had this really cool vocal, great production, he flipped the chords, switched up the bassline, incorporated lots of new melodies as well, he’s got a really good ear for new melody.”

He added, “You’ll be hearing a lot more about him soon”.