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A. G. Cook releases new EP as DJ LIFELINE

12 June 2020 | 10:14 am | Emma Jones

PC Music head honcho A. G. Cook has shared a new five track EP under the name DJ Lifeline, and is donating all proceeds to the Movement for Black Lives.

PC Music head honcho A. G. COOK has released a new EP this week under the name DJ LIFELINE. The EP, titled Airhorn, comes after his own 2019 single, 'Lifeline', and is a bright, sugary, electric rush across five special tracks.

Having had a busy year even without releasing his own music thanks to his production efforts with the likes of CHARLI XCX and JONSI as well as remixing for CAROLINE POLACHEK and 100 GECS, fans have been eagerly awaiting some new solo A. G. Cook music — and he has absolutely delivered. With the tracks simply titled in roman numerals for the order in which they appear on the EP, it's a melting pot of so many styles including hardcore, drum n bass and acid house while still maintaining that now classic A. G. flair.

Cook tweeted that the record was now up on Bandcamp as an exclusive, and that all proceeds would be donated to the Movement for Black Lives. You can check out the record below:

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Words by Emma Jones