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Kelsey Lu, Lafawndah, Nídia and more womxn of colour combine on new fundraiser compilation, Source of Nuture

15 June 2020 | 11:39 am | Emma Jones

New York's Chroma has shared a brand new compilation featuring cuts from Kelsey Lu, Lafawndah and many more.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="770"] Image credit: 'Source of Nurture' cover art by Aya Brown from her ESSENTIAL WORKER series[/caption]

New York City creative studio CHROMA has released a new compilation titled Source of Nurture with all proceeds being donated to Equality for Flatbush, Undocu Workers Fund, The Movement for Black Lives Fund, and Black Trans Femmes in the Arts. Artists on the compilation include Kelsey LuLafawndah, AKUA, Nídia, Ariel Zetina, Bergsonist, Riobamba, 8ULENTINA & FOOZOOL and more.

In a statement, CHROMA said, "Source of Nurture is a music fundraising initiative curated and presented by Chroma bringing together womxn of color artists to amplify each other and bring some much needed support to the organizations, folks and funds doing the work to stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, Undocumented and Immigrant communities, and Essential Workers."

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"As a collective that positions itself as advocates for centering the work and experiences of womxn of color, we feel that it is crucial to be clear about the spectrum that experience entails, always, but especially in times like these, where there is and must be a great emphasis on specificity around the experiences of Black people, and especially Black queer, trans, and nonbinary folks & Black womxn."

"Black womxn are often at the forefront of these movements and we honor this commitment to radical justice for all by amplifying their voices and centering an ethos of community reciprocity, intersectional solidarity, and Black feminist ideologies."


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WOW FAM!!! ❤️❤️❤️In just 3 days, we have raised over 15K thanks to Y’ALL! We’ve been overcome with emotion, but mostly overcome with GRATITUDE. Blessings to everyone who has contributed, big or small, we are so thankful for our community who continues to show TF up! This is a true testament to the power of community and a mutual commitment to support those who have BEEN doing the work. We’re also so glad folks have been showing their love and appreciation for the mix, and want to express a massive thank you again to all of the artists who have contributed in making such a timeless + sonic journey happen ✨✨ The compilation is still live and available on our Bandcamp, and we are asking folks to continue to boost and share far and wide! We are also taking this time to challenge brands we have collaborated with in the past, (@redbullarts , @Adidas, @Calvinklein, @Google etc) and any other brands who have made posts about their commitment to advocacy and solidarity to Black lives to REALLY put their money where their mouth is and match our donations. Lets hold these brands and companies accountable to their words and commitments. We definitely know not to rely on them to be voices or vessels of social + anti racist change, but we KNOW they got the funds to release , and that’s the VERY least they can and should be doing. Feel free to help us by sharing amongst your networks + tagging any other major brands/companies to rise to the occasion ??? and send those receipts ??✅ As a reminder, 100% of ALL proceeds will be going to @equality4flatbush @undocuworkersfund @mvmnt4blklives @btfacollective Please follow their handles to learn more about the crucial work they are doing! Thank you again and BOOST BOOST BOOST ??? Artwork by Aya Brown @ayabrown.tiff from her ESSENTIAL WORKERS series Design by Rin Kim Ni @flesh.orchid Chroma @chroma.ny

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Since the compilation was released, CHROMA has shared that a whopping $15,000 USD has been raised. Check it out above and head HERE to purchase.

Words by Emma Jones

Image credit: 'Source of Nurture' cover art by Aya Brown from her ESSENTIAL WORKER series