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Meredith confirms it will not be going ahead this year

3 September 2020 | 10:44 am | Emma Jones

Much-loved Meredith Music Festival will not be going ahead this year with organisers confirming their postponement for 2020.

The much-loved Meredith Festival has confirmed it will not be happening this year as COVID-19 claims another event in 2020.

In a letter penned by Aunty, organisers advised that "Like much of the planet, life in Postcode 3333 must contend with a pandemic and adjust to a different beat, for the time being." They also shared a lovely story of another time that the festival was rescheduled, back in 1990 when it first started.

"It’s a not so well-known fact that the very first Meredith Music Festival, planned for 1990, had to be postponed until ‘91. Something to do with preparations being heavy on enthusiasm but light on finance, know-how, bands and a few other odds and ends. Mary and Jack politely suggested that kicking off with a fallow year might be the sensible thing to do."

While it's a shame Meredith won't be returning to The Sup' this year, organisers did express some hope for its sister festival, Golden Plains, which is held in March in the same location. Calling it "there is that other light on the horizon," updates on this event will be made in due time.

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Organsiers went onto say, "One thing this year has offered in spades is a sense of perspective. Looking back, looking ahead, looking all around, Meredith is, we think, in a really good place. The eternals – a single stage, the evolving atmospherics of a natural amphitheatre, ample time and space, free-range living in the greatest of outdoors, where almost anything goes – still hold. Thank you for being part of it."

2020 was meant to be Meredith's 30th birthday, and while it can't proceed due to the powers that be, we're confident when they do indeed get the chance to celebrate, it will indeed be magical. For more info, head here.

Words by Emma Jones

Image by Rick Cliffed via Meredith Music Festival