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Introducing Soft Stir: An independent publication examining Australian art, music and culture and philosophy

22 October 2020 | 1:18 pm | Evie Weily

SOFT STIR is a new independent publication that explores art, music, culture and philosophy from the perspective of emerging Australian creatives. 

SOFT STIR is a brand-new independent print publication that explores and reflects on art, music, culture and philosophy from the perspective of emerging Australian creatives.

Alex Stevenson (aka Hyfe), Gab Flood and Bernie Fingleton, the creative directors behind the project, are all multidisciplinary designers working in the arts, culture and events scenes in Sydney. Now they're bringing Soft Stir to life, fabricating an inclusive space for emerging artists and writers to share their work, tell their stories and explore pressing topics in their own practice and voice.

Soft Stir have launched a crowdfunding campaign to print their first issue, titled Stories of Home. In this issue there are features from a range of creatives, including ANTHONY TOOE exploring the history of vogue culture and an interview with NEIL MORRIS (Drmngnow), a proud Yorta Yorta musician delving into how his connection to land and ancestors impacts his music.

On their website they have stated, "From bushfires raging across the Australian landscape, and smokey hazes enveloping our cities and lungs; to COVID-19 threatening our health and safety, it's been quite a hectic year. Now, as we spend our days primarily in our homes, it seems like an apt time to process and assess what home means to us and how we can cultivate safe and healthy environments for the future."

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"Soft Stir's first issue, Stories of Home, acts as a reflective journal, with twenty-seven emerging creatives exploring the meaning of home in their lives and their communities. Learn about what it's like on the frontline of a youth activist movement, campaigning towards a Green New Deal in the US. Read poetry reflecting on the anxiety of bushfire season. Discover and celebrate the history of Sydney's vogue culture. Meet two inspiring individuals, influencing political culture from wildly different industries; and so much more."

You can read more about the Soft Stir campaign and pledge here. If they reach their target, the money goes towards printing the publication and merch they have up for grabs, including tees, art prints and tea towels.


Image by Soft Stir