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Watch Tame Impala perform 'Is It True' at home for Stephen Colbert

13 May 2020 | 8:29 am | Staff Writer

Tame Impala is the latest musical guest to perform their songs from home for US late night television.

Isolation hasn't stopped STEPHEN COLBERT and many other US late night TV hosts from continuing to include music guests on their programs. It has made them have to adapt to how they host these performances though. As is the case for the latest episode of Stephen Colbert's show, in which he got none other that Tame Impala on board for a special performance of 'Is It True' from his latest album, The Slow Rush (read our in-depth review here).

Using three different cuts of video, Kevin Parker performed the track on his own and combined all footage for a supercut of the track. Normally he'd be backed by the likes of Dom Simper and Jay Watson, but this is a pandemic so we have to make do.

Playing guitar, bass and singing, the video was fittingly trippy with the use of a multi-coloured strobe to aid in making the clip certainly engaging. Sounding pretty good for a home set up, it's a little slice of joy we all need during this wild time.

Watch the performance below:

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Words by Emma Jones

Image via Consequence of Sound