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我们 Wo Men adds DJ Susan (Sui Zhen) to already stacked line up

29 January 2018 | 11:19 am | Emma Jones

Emerging management and PR company Arouze has put together a deeply personal event to celebrate its first birthday.

Emerging management and PR company AROUZE do things differently. They're partly responsible for the incredible rise of MAY LYN in 2017, and they have maintained a level of integrity on which they refuse to comprise. They use music as a platform for artists to challenge pre-conceived notions regarding culture and constructs, and by doing so, have begun to carve out a space in the Australian music landscape where artists can be true to their creative selves while having a team behind them that encourages this and works hard to make sure others pay attention.

So, with a strong year now under their belt, it's only right that they celebrate their achievements in true style - with a superbly curated line up that has a powerful message behind it.

Recruiting some of the country's finest performers that have inspired Arouze, things will be kicking off from 8pm on February 9 at Melbourne's The Night Cat, and performing on the night will be RAINBOW CHANMAY LYNTRACEY CHENMAYA HIRASEDO, and SHELLEY (DJ Set). However, they're also announcing today that DJ SUSAN aka SUI ZHEN will also be joining the line up, rounding out one of the biggest bills to be seen in 2018. The event, named "我们" is pronounced phonetically as "Wo Men", and is directly translated to mean "Us" in Mandarin, which is a beautifully fitting title for such a special night.

Noting that this event is extremely personal to the team at AROUZE, founder Zen Lim has also put together a playlist for us to share. Featuring artists of Asian descent, Lim "tried to make the playlist in a way that a few of the song titles tie in with the other to form messages and some of the tracks act as intermissions between those titles. In a way the playlist is a call out against toxic masculinity and debunking Asian stereotypes through the perspective of Asian artists."

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50% of ticket proceeds will be donated to the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance - WAR, in an act of solidarity as Arouze acknowledges the event will be taking place on stolen Wurundjeri land of the Kulin nation, and that sovereignty never ceded. For more information and tickets, head HERE.

我们 Wo Men

February 9th, The Night Cat

Rainbow Chan

May Lyn

Tracey Chen

Maya Hirasedo

Shelley (DJ Set)

+ Just announced: DJ Susan