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Leaving Records leaving a mark, explored on Talking Heads for Purple Sneakers radio

29 September 2017 | 5:46 pm | Hannah Galvin

A sub-label of the iconic Stones Throw, Leaving Records defies genre with an open mind and full heart. Delve into their work this week on Talking Heads.

Locating a magical power nestled in the binding of unconventional sounds and figures is what shapes the beauty of improvisation. Exploring these alien entities as they evolve can form into the most gorgeous memories, though sometimes the spark of such demonstrations edge us to emotionally require the accessibility of future listenings; so how lucky are we that LEAVING RECORDS remember to push the record button?

What began as a small art project in 2008, Matthew McQueen (aka Matthewdavid) philosophised a platform that allowed the space and music of experimental artists to breathe. Relocating from Florida to Southern California, McQueen resonated strongly with the LA beatscene, which resulted in an internship at the notable underground radio station Dublab.

Building his own chest of whimsical treasures under the guise Matthewdavid, it didn't take long for buddying DJs and producers of the station to start sharing McQueen's material with mavericks such as Dntel and Flying Lotus.

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Becoming a source of inspiration, as well as being inspired by the countless like-minded visionaries walking through the Dublab doors each day, the art project eventuated into the cassette-focused label Leaving Records; co-founded by McQueen's longtime friend and visual artist Jesselisa Moretti.

From here, this progressive mass of open-minded and extremely talented individuals found solace in an outlet where their music found the appropriate hands to fall into - and deservedly so. With the craft of Moretti's signature geometric figures stamped on the cover of each tangible copy, the physical format of each Leaving Records release is recognised as a stunning piece of art from every angle.

Fast-track to 2013, and every run of each release quickly emptied from the shelves of the Leaving Records warehouse. With such high demand for these personal tapes, Leaving Records signed a promotional and distribution agreement with hip hop connoisseurs Stones Throw.

Now able to press vinyl from the plant as well as pumping their signature cassettes, Leaving Records remains as one of the most influential and genuine labels of the experimental world. With a means of giving a voice to artists that defy classification, Leaving Records has invited the world to the works of artists yuk.mndsgnRas G, AhhnuKnx, High Wolf and many more. Check out the Leaving Records website, as well as their program on NTS Radio.

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Words by Hannah Galvin.