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Rage Is Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of Hip-Hop This Saturday

9 August 2023 | 10:30 am | Jessie Lynch

Heroes of Hip Hop will air on Rage from 10:30am to midday and again from 11:40pm all night long on ABC TV.

Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot (YouTube)

Iconic music video program Rage is gearing up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip hop in a spectacular fashion.

This Saturday, viewers are in for a treat as Rage pays tribute to the genre that has shaped generations and revolutionised the music industry. From classic hits to legendary performances, this milestone event is set to be a hip hop extravaganza like no other.

In a nod to its rich history, Rage will curate a captivating lineup of hip hop clips spanning decades, while delving deep into its archives to showcase memorable excerpts from an array of remarkable hip hop guest programmers who have graced the show's iconic red couch throughout the years.

The special will also feature hip hop, rap and R&B guest hostings from artists Fugees, Beastie Boys, Neneh Cherry, Outkast, Grandmaster Flash, M.I.A., Hilltop Hoods, Briggs, and many more, as plus programming over seven hours of our favourite hip hop tunes in a weekend-long celebration of non-stop musical revelry on rage.

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So why this weekend, you ask? Legend has it that on a fateful day, August 11, 1973, hip hop was born during a legendary party in The Bronx.

The narrative unfolds with a young school-kid named Cindy Campbell, who ignited the spark by organising a back-to-school bash. The aim was to raise funds for new clothes, and she enlisted her brother Clive – better known as DJ Kool Herc – to take charge of the decks.

The sounds of funk and soul reverberated as DJ Kool Herc masterfully manipulated two turntables, isolating the instrumental elements of his favourite tracks to emphasise the rhythm.

The result was pure magic, captivating the crowd and setting the stage for what would become a global cultural phenomenon. Drum breaks from musical legends like James Brown, The Incredible Bongo Band, Aretha Franklin, and The Meters seamlessly fused, creating an irresistible auditory tapestry.

As the party's momentum spilled into a nearby park, the seeds of hip hop were sown, igniting the NYC block-party scene and giving birth to a musical style that has since taken the world by storm.

So if you’re a fan of the genre, be sure to tune in this Saturday as Rage transports us on a nostalgic journey through 50 years of hip hop history as they pay homage to the beats that have defined generations and continue to pulse through the heart of popular culture.

Tune in on Saturday, August 12, for the Rage Heroes of Hip Hop Special from 10:30am to midday and again from 11:40pm all night long on ABC TV.