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'Vote Music': Industry Unites On $100 Million Plan To Make NSW The Premier Music State

20 February 2023 | 1:50 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

"But after a decade of challenges, music in NSW is not flourishing as it should."

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Over 30 industry organisations and leaders have launched a united plan to supercharge music in NSW. 

In the lead-up to the NSW election, the $100 million plan asks the government and the opposition to commit to a strategic focus and significant investment in the development of the industry.

In a press release, the body stated, "We want every music fan, artist and music business across this state to be proud of what NSW sounds like. There is no other place in the world like NSW, and we should celebrate that. We have a rich and deep history that goes back tens of thousands of years, and we have music being made now that’s playing right across the world.

"But after a decade of challenges, music in NSW is not flourishing as it should. We have fewer places for live music, and creative professionals and music businesses are moving interstate. A generation of young talent is missing out on opportunities, and regional music communities aren’t getting enough support to thrive."

They are urging all parties to elevate music in their election strategy and for voters to consider to #votemusic on the 25th of March.

The three key pillars which are outlined in the plan include:

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  1. Establishment of a Contemporary Music Office in NSW Government to drive music development
  2. Significant government investment in artists and industry iinitiatives
  3. Protecting and building venues, festivals and spaces to make NSW a proud home of music. 

"It’s time for music to make the cities and towns across NSW thrive. It’s time to bring people out of their homes and into a world of lively streets, packed venues and sold-out tours. It’s time for more local music on TV, in films and on radio. It’s time for the next generation of talent to take the world by storm. It’s time for a new NSW."

You can read the plan and policy actions HERE.