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Watch Folamour's Full Set From Lost Paradise

27 January 2023 | 1:50 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

FOMO inducing stuff.

For anyone that was silly enough to miss Lost Paradise this Summer, luck is on your side, with the festival now posting Folamour's full set from the festival.

Folamour performed to a huge crowd at the Lost Disco stage, spinning his trademark blend of odd ball house tunes, hands up disco. The video was directed and put together by @mymediasydney.

Spearheading a new renaissance of French House and disco, Folamour has solidified himself as one of the world's best selectors, sending dancefloors into permeable hysterics, performing headline sets around the globe. 

Folamour is one of the most interesting international underground DJs. On one hand, you have his epic live sets. Combining areas of hip hop, house music, disco and classic pop hits, he delivers a poignantly positive energy and aura, with a very clear deliberate ethos of making people smile. On the other hand, Folamour is a singer, songwriter and producer. He recently released his third incredible body of work, 'The Journey' cementing his sonic class beyond that of just a touring DJ.

He also recently performed two headline shows at Brisbane and Sydney, at the Princess Theatre and The Roundhouse alongside LAZYWAX, Bria and Gratitude Cowboy.

You can check out the full set below with pre-registration for the 2023/24 festival here

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