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World's First Plant Based Vinyl Lands With Tracks From Bicep And Angel Olsen

18 July 2022 | 2:17 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Bicep's Atlas and Angel Olsen's Big Time will be pressed onto the record.

Music Declares Emergency, a UK environmental advocacy group has created the world's first ever plant-based bioplastic vinyl record. 

Pressed on the vinyl will be four tracks from Secretly and Ninja-Tune affiliated artists and will be the first publicly available example of a new, bioplastic vinyl alternative developed by Evolution Music as part of their mission to decarbonise the production of physical products in the music business," according to their crowdfunding page. 

It will feature tracks from Bicep, Porridge Radio, Angel Olsen and Black Country, New Road. The first 20 copies will be available via a raffle as a part of the NO MUSIC ON A DEAD PLANET CAMPAIGN. 

The group, Music Declares Emergency now works in over three contents with more than 6000 groups, individuals and organisations across the world. The organisation's web page states that their "work encompasses support and partnership for industry innovations, curation and dissemination of effective artist messaging and collaborations cross sectors and borders."

The funds from the raffle will directly support their work across the UK. You can purchase a ticket HERE.

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On the initiative, Peter Quicke of Ninja Tune stated “It is very exciting to be trialing sustainable bioplastic vinyl pressings, and with such brilliant tunes! We all love vinyl but the current manufacture process involves a significant amount of pollution, so we’ve been looking for alternatives. Massive props to Evolution Music for coming up with a solution.”

Hannah Overton from Secretly Music Group reflected a similar sentiment, stating, "“The work that Evolution Vinyl are doing to potentially put an end to fossil fuel based plastic LP production is mind blowing. We need more mavericks to create real disruption in the economy if we’re to achieve the slow down of global warming needed."

You can read up on all the work MDE do via their website HERE.