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1300 Release Single, 'Rocksta' Alongside Debut Mixtape Announcement

16 March 2022 | 4:05 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

The mixtape, which is titled 'Foreign Language' is set to release on the 29th of April.

(Pic by Raghav Rampal)

1300 are taking Australia by storm. The country's first ever (correct me if I'm wrong) Korean-Australian rap group have today announced their debut mixtape, Foreign Language is set for release on the 29th of April. Alongside the announcement, they've unveiled their latest single Rocksta.

The band are a ferocious, proud and in your face pillar of the next generation of incredible Australian music. Never before has Australian music been so vastly inspired, broad in scope sonically and in potential audience. 

Their short and expansive discography has seen them combine the raw energy, emotion and creativity of internet hosted rap music with the high budget, glitz and glamour of K-hip-hop, all packaged with electronic fused sweat-doused instrumentals.

Rocksta is a welcome addition to their musical universe, one that expands on their already established ethos to push genres to their extremes. Its production is excessive and grand in the most infectious way possible, that features a broken, chopped futuristic bass driven dance beat. Over the tracks three minute run time, each member trades short and sharp verses in their native tongue, leaving nothing left behind.

Speaking to the release, the group reveal Rocksta is "the song that will turn YOU to a Rocksta. Reject mediocrity and embrace the chaos!

"Guaranteed to get your head bopping and face scrunching. We definitely wanted the hook to be in Korean, and we liked the words “chung bhaji” (ripped jeans) so that’s where Rock Star came from - Rockstas with rips on their jeans."

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