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Live Review: EXCLUSIVE: Billy Fox brings his new single, 'Echo', to life with live video

4 October 2018 | 10:42 am | Emma Jones

Sydney artist BILLY FOX is an interesting one. With every single release, you can never, ever pick how he's going to sound, but you always know it's going to be intricate and soulful. His voice carries an innate soulfulness that can't be manufactured, it just is with him, and his latest, 'Echo', is another example of this.

There are some influences from that of JAMES BLAKE or even MOSES SUMNEY, but to say he sounds like them would be an injustice to the unique path Fox is forging entirely on his own. Complete with a horn section, a catchy hook and crisp beats, 'Echo' is is a shining example of an artist that is never satisfied with where he is right now and is always striving for more - a insatiableness that has proven itself time and time again as Fox keeps striking gold with each single release.

Fox said of his new single upon its release, “‘Echo’ is essentially a love song. However, it pays particular attention to that moment of realisation in a relationship when you understand just how in love you both are. At the infant stages, you would never had known where this was going to take you, and you don’t know what you’ve got yourselves into. We need the courage to let go and let it happen”.

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Now, if you listened to this song and thought, "Damn, I need to see this live," you're in luck! Not only has Fox announced two shows in October to celebrate the release of his single, but today he's also sharing a special live video of the track and has given Purple Sneakers the privilege of bringing it to you! With a full band by his side, Fox gives us a bit of insight into what we might be able to expect in a live setting, and it's a beautiful insight at that.

Absolutely glorious, right? Check Billy Fox's show dates below and keep both eyes firmly planted on this guy - we can't wait to see what he does next!



Words by Emma Jones