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Live Review: Daine and the songs she absolutely loves

17 November 2020 | 2:22 pm | Emma Jones

Emo-popstar in the making, Daine gives us the scoop on the songs she's loving right now, and as expected it's an eclectic mix!

Emo-popstar in the making DAINE continues to go from strength to strength in her debut year this year. When she released her first ever single 'Picking Flowers', we said of the single, "For fans of Billie Eilish, she pairs foreboding hip-hop-leaning production with her gentle, indie-inspired vocals for a dark, ominous trudge through her inner monologue. Like if Clairo jumped on a Shlohmo track, ‘Picking Flowers’ is not for the faint-hearted but has us very eager indeed to hear more where this came from!" Now, she's back for more with the release of a double A-side in 'Ascension Angel Numbers', teaming up with none other than PC Music's Danny L Harle for the latter, making for a seriously impressive moment in which Daine well and truly levels up.

Joined together by the interlude '4444', 'Angel Numbers' is an evocative, intense and personal downtempo song which is a complete 180 from its preceding counterpart, 'Ascension' in all its brash, corrosive glory. Channeling midwestern emo influences in 'Ascension', it's a palpable and electrifying track and together the double A-side does a fantastic job highlighting Daine's versatility and creativity as an artist.

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Continuing her ascent with this latest release, Daine has consistently delivered emo-soaked pop music, wielding her vast array of influences and refined and modern approach to songwriting to her advantage. She makes music which at once straddles the futuristic world of pop music where there are no rules anymore as well as paying tribute to eras before her, and emerges with a sound which is uniquely her own. Counting the likes of Charli XCX as fans now, it's clear there's no stopping Daine, so what better time to get to know her a little better? Here, she gives us the scoop on songs she's currently loving, and as expected it's certainly an eclectic mix. Dive in below!

ecco2k, bladee, thaiboy - you lose

This song is my default to zone out to, head go empty for this one. Just vibes, no thoughts.

seahaven - andreas

Reminds me of being at the beach and being 13. Will always revisit for the nostalgia.

aldn - this songs not about u

aldn is incredibly talented and captures the raw pain and anger you feel losing someone you love a lot. this one’s gut wrenching.

carissa’s wierd - Ignorant Piece of Shit

Really good ‘stare out the window on the train song’, discovered this one after seeing Hysterla cover it.

duster - the breakup suite

If Duster’s classic early 2000s slowcore riffs don’t make you feel something you’re not human. Duster is medicine for the heart.

teen suicide - i am my own hell

I listened to this whole album a lot when I was 14, it l feels really homely and familiar. I don’t think teen suicide gets old.

instupendo - cinderella

I only discovered instupendo a little while ago, I was really captivated by their visuals and this song just made me feel like I was in love.

jay som - The bus song

No one’s doing it like jay som. she’s beyond. this riff is so catchy and the whole song is just so wholesome and real.

93feetofsmoke - lie seller

Cry your lungs out to this one for real.

'Ascension / Angel Numbers' is out now. Buy/stream here.

Introduction by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied