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Live Review: Get numb and bass-y with Abra's 'Novacane'

29 September 2017 | 8:41 am | Lloyd Crackett

The elusive 'Dark Wave Duchess' Abra has debuted stellar new track 'Novacane' ahead of her debut album's release on the 6th of October

The self-coined ‘Dark Wave Duchess’ is an elusive and mysterious phenomenon. Having been set to play nationwide tours of Australia twice in the past year and pulling out (for many explained and understandable reasons), it’d be easy to sign off ABRA. However, in conjunction with the notorious Adult Swim, the hot pot for the other side of good taste – the duchess has released ‘Novacane’ which will more than convincingly remind you of why it’s always better to be following Abra. She’s got the goods that will keep giving- like sweet ole Novocain, she’ll take the pain away.

The track is noticeably absent of her trademark vocals however, that is not to say that the track is any less ‘Abra’ as in their place are pitch shifted vocals, which are assumedly hers as no other artist is credited. ‘Novacane’ focuses much more on the developing and intensity of the bass. It’s relenting yet purposeful, and the track is aptly named as it washes over, numbing out any other sound your environment may provide. ‘Novacane’ becomes your entire present: the rolling bass below, the trap hi-hats, the little intricacies of Abra-production. It's no wonder she calls herself a duchess, there is a quality in which she maintains and a standard in which she keeps herself, and it shines through even if she isn’t throwing her verses down.

The track was released as part of Adult Swim’s Singles Program that has also debuted tracks from Oneohtrix Point Never, Fatman Scoop and Wavves. Once a week, for every week of the year Adult Swim releases some of the coolest music, free to stream as exclusives. It’s a platform worth following due to the high quality and range of the singles released. Abra’s debut album Rose will drop on October 6th which will come on special edition vinyl and all good streaming services. Don’t sleep on the Dark Wave Duchess as she’s got what it takes and it is better to be on board now.

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Photo by Tyler Mitchell