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Live Review: Akurei and Nico Ghost dish up some early morning vibes with 'Floating'

16 August 2017 | 11:48 am | Max Lewis

Akurei, Nico Ghost and Golden Vessels team up for a groovy mixture of alt r&b and electro pop worthy of a late night listen.

Brisbane producer AKUREI has teamed up with NICO GHOST to drop a slight change of pace in the form of 'Floating', with additional production by close friend Golden Vessel.

The track is described as being about "trying to fall asleep", a theme brought across immediately through the lethargic percussion and heavily processed/layered vocals evoking the tossing and turning of a sleepless summer night.

A heavy use of effects, gloomy synths and chilled-out keys make 'Floating' a mish-mash of alternative RnB and downtempo pop, like a mixture of Andy Stott and Allday that I feel shouldn't work but totally does. The production is perfectly balanced, with pinpoint levels of subtlety in the instruments so they're prominent but don't overpower the gentleness of the vocals. The low-end booms when it needs to, and provides warmth to the sounds the rest of the time, surrounding the track like a doona in winter.

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The feature by Nico Ghost provides a nice counterpoint to the track. It's a little more lively - with the rapping more active than the vocals before - with some added hi-hats accompanying it. It doesn't diminish the vibe, though, and last long enough to make an impression without overstaying its welcome.

'Floating' is a nice companion piece to Akurei's previous single 'Hinterland', showing he can do upbeat, peppy chill just as much as he can do downtempo, lethargic chill. I'm hoping for an EP in the near future to see what else he can come up with - because what I've heard so far shows immense promise.

If you like what you hear, do yourself a favour and check out Akurei's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Words by MAX LEWIS