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Live Review: PREMIERE: Akurei searches for clarity in 'Hollow'

7 August 2019 | 4:02 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

Akurei returns today with another cut from his forthcoming second EP in 'Hollow', which is premiering via Purple Sneakers today.

Over a month ago, Brisbane singer/songwriter/producer AKUREI gave us an achingly tender cut in 'Stockholm'. He's currently prepping us for the release of his forthcoming second EP, September. He returns today with another cut from the EP in 'Hollow', which is premiering via Purple Sneakers today.

The sounds of 'Hollow' reflect the name, with space and silence being two defining features of the track. It's maximal minimalism in the most impactful way, his crooning vocal sitting delicately atop a variety of quiet instruments, the arrangement emerging as entirely complex.

Akurei's always had a way with words, but 'Hollow' is his most honest and impactful work yet, the isolation felt during his reevaluation of his childhood faith ringing true throughout his carefully poetic lyricism.

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"'Hollow' is the last of the collection of songs I wrote abroad last year. I’d just left Europe and arrived in Bali to meet with some friends to work on a record together. Europe had been a confusing and emotionally intense time, whereas my time in Bali with friends provided a lot of clarity and peace. Lyrically, 'Hollow' is me revisiting and reevaluating the faith I had when I was younger.”

In a period of aimlessness, his search for clarity has unearthed a mountain of introspection, something that hits devastatingly close to home. 'Hollow' contributes something much deeper to Akurei's already stunning discography. His exploration of the trials of the human condition comes through as crushingly honest and leaves you wanting more.

Listen to Akurei's 'Hollow' via your streaming service of choice here.