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Live Review: Billy Davis & Denzel Curry just keep swimming on 'Goldfish'

11 August 2017 | 10:33 am | Jackson Langford

The tale of the underdog is one as old as time itself. For every Goliath, there's a David waiting in the wings to overthrow them even if people don't suspect it. What's more is that everyone loves an underdog. They prove that anything can be done if you just keep pushing towards that end goal. However, being the underdog can be disheartening when the world seems to hold you under. Well, if you're struggling to stay afloat, the silky smooth production of BILLY DAVIS and the spitfire raps of DENZEL CURRY are here to lift you up with their funky, soulful 'Goldfish' - an anthem to remind you to just keep swimming.

The track is carried by a glimmering keyboard melody that provides the perfect anchor for Billy Davis' soulful production. The vocal performance is understated but unwavering - it doesn't have to sing loudly to show you that they're a force to be reckoned with. In the same way, Denzel Curry and his André 3000-reminiscent raps embody a quiet confidence that isn't abrasive or obnoxious. As the track floats soothingly upstream, waves of funk begin to wash over and splash the track with a threatening oomph! that gives it the perfect finish.

Of the track, Billy Davis says, "the biggest battle in the making of the album has been the battle against insecurity and people telling me I wasn't good enough. The song is almost a message to my past and future self encouraging them. It's one of my favourite on the album as it resonates a lot internally to me, it's gotten me through hard times in the past but will also be something I look back on with fondness when I listen back to it in the future. This song is for the underdog that needs that little push - the goldfish can knock out the shark!"

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Billy Davis' new album A Family Portrait is out September 1 via GOOD MANNERS RECORDS.