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Live Review: Give in to the tension in BRUX's new track 'Paper Boy'

14 September 2018 | 12:51 pm | Holly O'Neill

Where her debut launched her with a bang, mysterious producer BRUX lets an intricate and ominous energy speak for itself on her follow up single 'Paper Boy'

Out of thousands of each year, only a few are chosen for the annual Red Bull Music Academy, and the only Australian of the 2018 class is mysterious Sydney producer BRUX. Ahead of her trip to Berlin to work with some of the industry's most promising musos, she's released her follow up single. Where her debut, 'I'm Back', launched her into the Australian music consciousness with a bang, 'Paper Boy' is just as intricate but far more ominous.

Delicate layers of percussion and melody are stacked and puzzled together, as the rising incantation of the title tightens your chest. The interplay of the vocal alongside the repeated synth melodies builds a tension that demands release, and BRUX complies in small doses before slowly building it yet again. The simmering energy of the track continues to build all the way through like the slow upward tick of a roller coaster without a drop.

The instrumental depth of the track feels like it's specially made to be pulled out on 3am dance floors, but the emotive vocal section half way into the track creates a hands-up kind of euphoria. Across the echoing title, two repeated sentences in the vocals and ominous instrumental, BRUX creates an entire story of a man who can't even be called that and is so shallow and boring he might as well be made of paper. The influences of dark electronica, house and techno, mixed with her distinct lyrical and sonic storytelling creates something in 'Paper Boy' that is uniquely BRUX.

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On 'Paper Boy' BRUX proves her anonymity is not the only way she can create allure and intrigue, as she channels a hypnotising house tune while gleefully toying with audience expectations. 'Paper Boy' by BRUX is out now through etcetc/DimMak and you can find it on your streaming site of choice right here.

PHOTO from Facebook