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Live Review: Floating Points remixes two Caribou songs

1 July 2020 | 2:35 pm | Emma Jones

Floating Points has remixed not one, but two songs from Caribou's latest album, 'Suddenly', turning them into sprawling sonic odysseys.

Following on from the release of Four Tet and Morgan Geist remixes, Caribou (aka Dan Snaith) has now shared not one, but two remixes care of none other than Floating Points (aka Sam Shepherd). All remixed songs come from his latest album, Suddenly, which was released at the very start of the year, and Floating Points certainly wastes no time making his mark on his pair of offerings.

Taking on 'Sister' and 'Never Come Back', Floating Points manages to rework Caribou's emotive, lush songs into extensive sonic odysseys. 'Sister', one of Caribou's most personal songs ever, is taken for a seven-minute plunge into meditative bliss, while Shepherd flips the script with his take on 'Never Come Back', opting to hone in on the infectious, upbeat nature of the original and takes it to exhilarating new heights as part of an eight-minute epic.

Snaith said of the remixes, “At first Sam asked for the parts for ‘Sister’ - the most intimate and personal track off my album Suddenly - and reworked it using the voices of my mother and my sister that I sampled from an old cassette for my childhood - but having turned that into a hypnotic, meditative beautiful thing, he came back and asked for the parts for ‘Never Come Back’ and sent me a whatsapp of him working on the track in his studio with the caption ‘Bass drum Making my lights dim!’ and turned in a certified banger of a remix. Was I surprised Sam did two great remixes instead of one? No - anyone who knows Sam will tell you he does everything at a standard that surpasses all expectations. I was definitely happy though!’”

Alongside the digital release of these latest remixes, Caribou also announced the remixes will be released on vinyl as a 12", with the Four Tet and Morgan Geist remixes also being released on another 12". Both records are out July 31st, and you can pre-order right here. For more Caribou, read our interview with Dan Snaith here. Listen to the two remixes below:

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Words by Emma Jones

Images: Caribou by Thomas Neukum, Floating Points by Louise Haywood-Schiefer