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Live Review: PREMIERE: 'HEY!!!' Close Counters have a new track!

27 June 2019 | 12:44 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

Melbourne duo Close Counters are today premiering 'HEY!!!' via Purple Sneakers. Fusing house, jazz and afrocuban percussion, sink your teeth into this one.

Melbourne duo CLOSE COUNTERS are gearing up for the release of their forthcoming EP over the next few months. Following their debut record, SOULACOASTA, their newer sound, including previous single 'Tip Of My Tongue' with Laneous, has seen the pair continue to tighten up and expand on the unique collage-rhythm they've so far honed in on.

They're today returning with their second single of the year, 'HEY!!!', and we're feeling pretty damn chuffed to be premiering this one via Purple Sneakers today.

It's the first purely instrumental we've heard from Close Counters in some time, and damn was it worth the wait. Infusing house, jazz and a healthy dose of afrocuban percussion, the track came about through a challenge from some friends.

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They set a 20 minute timer and were challenged to create something by chopping up waveforms visually without actually listening to the sounds. It's a challenge that could go one of many different ways, but what resulted was ultimately a happy accident in what would become the track's main loop, and the song title in 'HEY!!!'.

What sets this track apart ultimately is its highly technical percussive elements. Close CountersFinn and Allan headed to the band's live drummer, Lucky Pereira's home with a microphone, ready to record Pereira playing the congos. This would later become a call and response heard throughout the track, and combining this with samples created using Pereira's father's West African percussion collection, the groove created within the track is entirely their own.

After slaying it at our Thirteenth Birthday a few weeks back as part of Vivid Sydney, we're so amped to hear what's to come from the Melbourne duo.

'HEY!!!' is officially out Friday, June 28 via Exist Recordings.