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Live Review: Confidence Man return in first class style with new dance floor filler

25 August 2020 | 12:07 pm | Claudia Fallon

Confidence Man have penned an appreciation of the finer things in life with their new dance floor filler, 'First Class Bitch'.

Confidence Man have released an electro-charged pop tune 'First Class Bitch'. Their first single of the year, ’First Class Bitch’ exudes a first class attitude, groovy funk energy, and is ready made to makeyou feel like THE boss ass bitch in town.

The Melbourne-via-Brisbane band first teased their new single recently by referring to it on social media as the “miracle you’ve been waiting for.” Paired with a simple visual trailer, they have not disappointed with the new single and fittingly luxe and lavish video to match. Dripping in sass and indulgence, leading lady Janet Planet is once again joined by Sugar Bones as they showcase the finer things in life, from Chanel bags and fur coats to sports cars and eating sushi off your band members. All in a day’s work for a First Class Bitch!

Confidence Man are now synonymous with high-energy, pop-leaning dance tracks, pairing addictive beats, steely vocal deliveries and an air of cool nonchalance to let you know they’re here to make you and themselves feel good. . In the new song, Janet Planet's assertive spoken lyrics mixed with the funky pulsating beat of the song makes this a classic Confidence Man banger.

Talking about the new single Janet Planet said she found inspiration whilst in London. “I'd been thinking about this for a while now... It all started in London, when I saw a pair of socks with the words “first class bitch” embroidered on them, hanging in a shop front window. I suddenly realised, I too was a first class bitch. I rushed back to the penthouse and penned this hit. Ever wondered what you hear when you die? This is it.”

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No matter where you are, this liberating new single will have you feeling electric, and yearning for dancefloors we can’t yet return to. All about appreciating the finer things in life and knowing your worth, we can all use a little reminder we’re first class bitches in this cursed year, and Confidence Man have once again provided the goods to do so. The band had plans for a 2020 headline tour in May, however (surprise surprise) the tour was postponed to November due to the Coronavirus pandemic. ‘First Class Bitch’ follows on from their expansive, emotive dancefloor filler ‘Does It Make You Feel Good?’, released in 2019.

Image by WILK