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Live Review: CXLOE & Gnash team up for alt-pop anthem 'Sick'

9 August 2019 | 8:14 am | Caitlin Medcalf

Sydney's dark pop princess CXLOE returns today with her huge sixth single, 'Sick', featuring the voice of LA rapper, Gnash.

She's been hailed Australia's next big pop artist by basically everyone, and for damn good reason too. Sydney's CXLOE has been making her mark on the world, one track at a time. Her brazenly honest brand of emotive pop continues to elevate with every release, and her latest, 'Sick' featuring LA's Gnash, is no exception to that observation.

Co-written with BOYBOY, 'Sick' is her sixth studio track, and was written between the studio in LA and her home in Sydney.

Pairing her rhythmic cadence with her poetically animated way of singing, her voice really sells the nature of the track, giving us her brand of brooding alt-pop at its strongest. Gnash's rap adds an entirely new dimension to the track, breaking up the emotive arrangement built by CXLOE, but also offering her voice the chance to really pop.

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“‘Sick’ is about loving too much and never wanting to show it,” CXLOE said. “It’s about never having that middle ground or normalcy within yourself because your emotions are extremes of each other. Sometimes we want to be showered in affection and jewels and dinners, and sometimes we just want that raw emotion of feeling sick over someone, like an obsession — that pit of your stomach sick.”

It's the perfect continuation of CXLOE's strong catalogue, giving us another reason to absolutely love her work and what she does.