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Live Review: Darcy Baylis' 'I Dream Of You' is a trap-fuelled reverie

1 December 2018 | 7:09 pm | Michael Stratford Hutch

Melbourne-based artist DARCY BAYLIS has returned with 'I Dream Of You,' the latest in a string of singles in 2018 that follow on from 2017’s Australia Music Prize-nominated album Intimacy & Isolation. Having spent the majority of 2018 travelling, writing, and collaborating with the likes of UV BOI فوق بنفسجي and ZUBIN, Baylis now rounds out a productive 2018 with this latest exploration of emo-tinged, dreamy trap.

'I Dream Of You' emerges from rising background synths and a slowly-picked, repeating figure on guitar, then launches directly into the hook, propelled by trap hats and fluttering sub bass. Baylis’ overall production is subtle yet effective, with small details and overlaps revealing themselves to the listener with repeated listens. A good example of this is the closely layered tracks and occasional manipulation of pitch that make the vocals a stand-out. The sub bass in particular is expressively produced throughout, creating rhythmic interest and momentum at just the right moments. An extended outro into isolated vocals from earlier in the piece makes for an interesting end to things, leaving the listener wanting more.

2018 has been an exciting directional shift from Baylis’ well-regarded previous work— working on their production, vocal, songwriting and DJing practices in tandem has resulted in a diverse and alluring blend of sonic palettes. No matter what 2019 and beyond brings for Baylis, their melancholy, minimalism, and cathartic balance of unease and release will take them where they need to be.

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Photo by Eliott Lauren