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Live Review: Dociyle delivers intergalactic techno and garage with out-of-this-world debut EP 'Devs/Deus'

4 May 2021 | 3:46 pm | Emma Jones

Dociyle is the name of the new solo project by Meanjin/Brisbane producer Shannen Mavrik, inspired by the likes of Jon Hopkins, Skee Mask, Djrum and more.

Dociyle is the name of the new solo project by Meanjin/Brisbane producer Shannon Mavrik. Inspired by the likes of Jon HopkinsSkee MaskDjrum and more, as well as a love of sci-fi film and game scores, Dociyle's music is otherworldly, propulsive and richly detailed. From intergalactic and atmospheric soundscapes to heady, exhilarating techno and garage moments, the remit of sounds on Devs/Deus is far-reaching. But, given Mavrik is no stranger to broad sonic palettes thanks to his work in Das Druid and Penelope Two-Five, the many threads and styles are interwoven in a tight, cohesive and powerfully commanding body of work.

Released by one of our favourite labels, The Space Between UsDevs/Deus is an interstellar journey from start to finish. Opening with both title tracks, each contain their own expansive analogue intros before getting underway with hypnotic pads and field recordings. Totally immersive, they're the perfect introduction to the rest of the EP as they submerge you into the interstellar soundscapes that follow. 'Hyve' follows the same vein of field recordings echoing and playing in the background as ominous sound design sets the scene for the precise, dark techno and garage  sounds Mavrik plays with throughout. It's foreboding and suspenseful, and adds a dose of drama into the mix with its sound design leaning heavily on the intensity without ever giving in. From here, 'Sol' further adds to the intensity with pummeling bass, before 'Servitor' ups the ante again with its relentless stress and final track 'Vex' brings us back to earth with its swelling synths and blooming atmospherics.

A man with many hats, Mavrik delivers six impeccably solid tracks which not only serve as an interesting snapshot into how well his production fares when on his own (answer: very well indeed), it also proves he's a talent who is really starting to find his feet in this emotive, intoxicating and otherworldly techno/garage realm. As with all his releases so far, we cannot wait to hear more. Listen to Devs/Deus below:

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Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied