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Live Review: PREMIERE: Dro Carey enlists Sig Nu Gris for experimental 'Statue Garden' remix

25 November 2020 | 2:01 pm | Emma Jones

Dro Carey isn't letting the year get away from his just yet as he shares a couple of special remixes from his debut album 'Nothing Is A Solo Project'.

It has been a truly exceptional year for Sydney's Dro Carey. Having kept busy throughout most of 2020 with the release of his long-awaited debut album, Nothing Is A Solo Project, he has kept fans well and truly satisfied with a steady stream of new singles and videos, culminating in the release of his record. Now, not letting the year get away from him just yet, he's rounding out 2020 with a string of special remixes. Following on from a blissful rework of 'Boundary' by Brisbane legends X CLUB, the pioneering producer now gives new life to another album highlight, 'Statue Garden', and has recruited none other than Sig Nu Gris to do the honours.

Premiering on Purple Sneakers today, Sig Nu Gris's take on 'Statue Garden' is a masterclass in why she was chosen to remix the track in the first place. Featuring her signature intricate sound design, she draws from club, experimental and ambient influences, further amplifying the existing hypnotic ambiance of the original. Sig Nu Gris has always maintained an uncanny knack for creating immediately affecting music, and once again she wastes no time getting right down to business with this remix.

Seizing on the subtle vocal loops and gentle atmospherics, Sig Nu Gris switches things up completely, creating an urgent, frenetic and intense slice of experimental electronic music. Her remix comes hot on the heels of her own impressive EP, SALIVA, released recently via Spirit Level earlier this month, and marks another exciting evolution in her production and artistry. A fitting complement to the already high bar Carey has set with Nothing Is A Solo ProjectSig Nu Gris' sets out to impress with this one!

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Dro Carey - Statue Garden (Sig Nu Gris Remix) is out via Soothsayer november 26th. Dro Carey's debut album Nothing Is A Solo Project is out now via Soothsayer.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied