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Live Review: e4444e releases expansive new single, 'Bushfire Story'

8 September 2021 | 1:53 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Newcastle/Awabakal based musician e4444e has released his first single since his debut LP, Coldstream Road, titled 'Bushfire Story'.

Newcastle/Awabakal based musician e4444e has released his first single since his debut LP, 'Coldstream Road', titled 'Bushfire Story'. Rumoured to be a part of a longer body of work to be revealed shortly, the single allows the listener to dive deep into the creative mind space of one of Australia's most gifted song makers. e4444e has just come off the back of an extremely unique performance combining with some of Newcastle's finest creatives, lovedavid and Skip Willcox, to create Invisible Stone. The project used art, sound and dance to create a fully immersive visual and sonic experience, guiding the audience through a spacey journey through the unknown.

'Bushfire Story' was recorded live by Romy Church (e4) with Douglas McMullan on drums. An eerie opening builds to beautifully gliding acoustic guitars, a looped drum kit and a whimsical vocal performance from e4444e. As with every track of his however, there exists a unique, playful yet experimental edge. For 'Bushfire Story' it sits in its omnipresent gliding synth lines which exist in the tracks background, creating an equally parts chaotic and celebratory feeling, like that of a firework.

"Lyrically, Bushfire Story makes references to a lack of “magic” or spirituality or whatever you want to call it in the way we live. I guess a personal longing for a more grounded and “real” life if that means anything. The feeling of the song is more in the rhythm and repetition of the chords; the soaring rolling on feeling with things flying overhead," Church said of the single. 

"Bushfire Story is a step toward something rawer and more straight-forward, in both song-writing and production. Dougal and I recorded the drums together and I overdubbed the rest. I tried to keep it in the spirit of his rolling, spilling all over rhythm.”

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